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What is BlueStacks for PC? 

Do you want to install android apps onto your PC? Then BlueStacks for PC is for you! BlueStacks is a completely free production software, and an android emulator, which lets you install mobile applications onto your PC. It is the first of its kind android emulator that is found in today’s technology. You can download your favorite apps such as Pokemon Go, Angry Birds Space, Candy Crush Saga, Evernote, Documents to go, and many other android apps including games, that you use regularly onto your PC. BlueStacks lets you download android and iOS applications onto your computer. 

Why Should You Download BlueStacks for PC? 

Many people use BlueStacks to download games from their mobile to their PC because BlueStacks is one of the best platforms for gaming enthusiasts. With BlueStacks you can enjoy your gaming on the big screen, rather than on your small mobile phone. The number of applications that have been made available has increased rapidly, since when BlueStacks was first introduced. 

More than 200 million people around the world are known to be using BlueStacks for PC. BlueStacks for PC also lets you use social media applications on your PC such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, FreeFire, and many others as well. BlueStacks allows users to connect from mobile to PC via a could connect application. BlueStacks also lets you use android games and other apps on your laptop simultaneously.  

If you want to use BlueStacks for your PC then you need to have 2GB of RAM and 9GB disk space on your PC.  You can also use BlueStacks through an android VPN on your PC such as SuperVPN for PC. BlueStacks is also extremely easy to use as it has a great user interface. The best thing about BlueStacks is that it is free, and you do not have to pay a dime to use the features.  

Main Features and Benefits of BlueStacks for PC 

1. BlueStacks lets you play games on its simple and improved keymapping tool:

The keymapping tool lets users play games on PC using the keyboard, joystick, and mouse features, which would be much faster and easier to use, on the big screen, rather than with your mobile phone. BlueStacks for PC lets you map tilting, swiping, and other mobile activities onto your keyboard and mouse.  You can also play with multiple apps at once.  

2. Great Graphical Feature:

 BlueStacks has a Hyper-G graphics quality, which is one of the best of its kind. You will not encounter any difficultly or loss of graphical quality, in changing your device from mobile to PC. Graphics are especially important for many gaming applications, and so this feature by BlueStacks is noteworthy. BlueStacks also has improved gameplay accuracy because of its high-quality graphical feature. BlueStacks for PC also has one of the fastest gaming performances, with high-quality speeds, so you can jump right into your games, without waiting for a long time for the games to load. 

3. Android and OS compatibility

BlueStacks is compatible with all leading Android games. New Android games are also supported on BlueStacks for PC. Some examples of the latest android games you can play are Fortnite, Hearthstone, and many others.  BlueStacks is also compatible with multiple Operating System (OS) rather than just one OS. You can transfer BlueStakcs onto any PC, regardless of which mobile phone you use.  

4. Multitasking and Multiple Languages:

 BlueStacks also comes in many languages other than English and has a very friendly software in the English language. BlueStacks supports multitasking, which means that you can download other applications alongside while playing your games or using social media on your PC. You do not have to stop one application to use another one, which is a big benefit of BlueStacks for PC. You can continue with your calls and text messages, which will not be interrupted with BlueStacks for PC.  

You can also play multiple games at once, and do not have to shut down the tab every time you install a new game. Even though BlueStacks is designed for games, it also supports other file sharing and social media applications, which is beneficial and a great tool for a free application such as BlueStacks  

 5. You can live stream and easily adjust BlueStacks on your PC:

With BlueStacks allows you to share your live stream on Facebook and Twitter. This is a unique application, as many free apps do not allow for this. You can also play your games full screen on your desktop, interact with other users through Twitch chat and you can manipulate the voice controls, screen controls, adjust volumes, and keyboard use according to your own needs.  

How to Download and Install BlueStacks on Your PC? 

BlueStacks is quite easy to download if you know where to get it from. It is the number one application if you want to download mobile games onto your PC for a better gaming experience. Just follow the steps below to download BlueStacks for your PC:  

Step 1. You can download BlueStacks Android Emulator from the website: 

Step 2. After downloading the file from the BlueStacks for PC website, you will get a .exe file which you will have to open by double-clicking on the file 

Step 3. You will need to launch the setup stage, which will allow files to extract onto your system 

Step 4. You will have to wait till the installation process is completed  

Step 5. You will then have to agree to the terms and conditions which will appear in a pop-up. Just click on agree and progress to the next step. 

Step 6. You will then need to sync your Gmail account with BlueStacks which is common in every android device 

Step 7. Then go to the Google Play Store application on My Apps folder in your Google account 

Step 8. Open Google Play Store application and feel free to install any app you want to use  


BlueStacks for PC is essential for you if you like gaming on your PC or your mobile phone. It is easy to download and easy to use with many valuable features, as we have mentioned above. BlueStacks will help you to have better overall gaming experience and support your multitasking desktop skills. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download the app now! 

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