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smartnews for pc

What is SmartNews for PC? 

SmartNews for PC is a modern application that is designed to help you follow the latest trends in the news today. You can get global news at the touch of a button on your PC. SmartNews is an app that collects global news from around the world, and sends the news to your PC, giving you regular updates. Not only do you get the latest and trendiest news on your android or PC, but you can also read the news offline. Yes, that is right, you do not have to be connected online to get news from SmartNews for PC. This suggests that you can get the latest news wherever you are in the world, at every time in every place.  

SmartNews provides you with many categories from around the world and it is not restricted to your specific location.  SmartNews has a variety of news topics, from every subject, and gives you more information than your regular local newspaper can give you. SmartNews is mostly designed for Android users on smartphones, but we will show your ways in which you can get the SmartNews app on your PC if you would rather have it on your laptop, for better convenience. 

Why Should You Get SmartNews for PC? 

 For simple reasons, you should get SmartNews to keep up with the information and trends around the world. SmartNews is one of the most advanced readers available for android and PC in today’s world. The app lets you uncover so many new ways of finding the best news from the top journalists and publishers around the world. With SmartNews you can get news from NBC, VICE, The Huffington Post, USA Today, The Verge, TechCrunch, Buzzfeed, and many more.  

The best part is that SmartNews is free, you can get notifications for breaking news and SmartNews does not load your computer with many advertisements, like many other online news channels. SmartNews also has great speed and a good user interface with Smart View Mode features which let you read with optimal reading user experience. With all these terrific features of SmartNews, it is the best way to be connected to the world. So, why would you need to have any other news app on your PC? 

Why Would You Need SmartNews on Your PC? 

SmartNews for PC will be particularly useful for you if you prefer to use your PC such as Windows or Mac laptops, for your everyday needs, rather than using your mobile phone. If you are used to spending most of your time on your PC rather than your phone, then you would need SmartNews for Windows and Mac laptops.  

SmartNews for PC allows you to receive notifications for news, just like you would on your mobile phone. You can also log into SmartNews and get the latest updates if you are taking a break from working on your PC. If you work in the news, editing, journalistic, or reporting industry, then you can save a lot of time by installing the SmartNews PC app on your computer.  

How to Install SmartNews on PC: Windows and Mac? 

Although SmartNews is an android application, you can also download it on your PC, with a third-party emulator. The easiest emulator to use for SmartNews is the BlueStacks android emulator. The BlueStacks emulator is effortless and easy to download and use on your desktop. SmartNews can also be downloaded on Chromebook PC. 

 To enjoy the latest headlines and breaking news with unique news features from SmartNews on your PC, follow the simple steps below:  

1. First Step: download BlueStacks android emulator on your PC. You can access and download BlueStacks emulator from this link 

2. Second Step: once the BlueStacks emulator is installed, then log in to your Gmail account 

3. Third Step: Open the BlueStacks main menu and log into Google Play Store from My Apps section 

4. Fourth Step: Open Google Play Store and search for “SmartNews” 

5. Fifth Step: After you have searched for SmartNews on Google Play Store, click on the install button and install the app on your PC 

6. Sixth Step: SmartNews will install on your PC and you can start using SmartNews on your Windows or Mac PC.  


SmartNews for PC is a great application that enables you to easily get the latest global news for free on both your mobile and your laptop. Unlike most news applications, you can also use SmartNews offline once you have installed it on your computer. If you are a person who likes to keep up with the latest trends and news reports, from around the world, then SmartNews for PC is for you! 

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