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kodi is one of the best home theater software. if you have good home theater with great display and sound then believe me this is one of the best software you need. because kodi is open source software and it has a tones of movies and videos which you can stream and enjoy. so if you have smart Tv and and if you want to run kodi on your tv then you got the right post because today we are going to share how to Install Kodi On Smart TV. so firstly we are going to share procedure to Install Kodi On Samsung Smart TV and after that will explain about Kodi On LG Smart TV. so follow this post till the end to install kodi on smart tv.

kodi on samsung smart tv

And the best thing is that Kodi has great Add-on echo system so with add-on you can stream youtube videos, torrents etc. and the beautiful music and images make kodi one of the best software.lets get back to the point, if you have smart tv its means you got the great display and sounds right? ? and we all know smart tv comes with great function but if we add some extra function then believe me it will become best home theater setup all time. so are you ready to set up your home theater ? of course yes, below are the step wise guide to Install Kodi On Smasung Smart TV and LG Smart TV.

Can You Install Kodi On Samsung Smart Tv ?

Do you know kodi is ofiicially available for android device ? yes you can install kodi on your android device easily. so its means you can install kodi on your phone too. And There is only one condition to run kodi on your smart tv that your samsung smart tv run on android os. let me clear one thing some smart tv manufactures do not use the android for smart tv. so you can not install kodi on those smart tv which can not run on android os. but the samsung use Os for their smart tv so if you have samsung smart tv then you can install kodi on your samsung smart tv. some LG smart tv also run with android os so you can install kodi on those smart tv too.

so i assume that your tv run on android os and you are ready to install kodi with above condition. so lets proceed to guide to install kodi on smart tv.

How To Install Kodi On Samsung Smart TV ?

Follow the steps to install kodi.

  • go to Google playstore.
  • search “kodi” on playstore.
  • click on that and install it.

kodi on smart tv

now open the kodi tv and now you are ready to run kodi on your samsung smart tv. If you not have google play store and android then you can follow this step :

  • Firstly download the kodi tv.
  • Now transfer that kodi file to your android smart tv.
  • You can install this apk file of kodi on samsung smart tv with any file explore.

thats it. you are done and this is the detailed guide to Install Kodi For Samsung Smart Tv. Now enjoy your movies and videos with your beautiful set up home theatre.

Guide To Install Kodi On LG Smart TV

kodi on lg smart tv

when you talk about tech industry then Lg seems to very big because now they have their own compter, mobile phones and smart tv. and if we are talking about smart tv then lg smart tv run on web os. so the condition and procees to install kodi on lg smart tv is quite similar to samsung smart tv. if lg is not running on android os then you can not install kodi. but if it comes with web os then here is the guide to install kodi for LG Smart Tv. check it out and comments below if you have any doubt.

as i told you the process is similar to samsung tv so go to google play store and search ‘kodi”. Install kodi and open it and enjoy your favorite stream.

Some Great Features Of Smart TV

here we have listed all the features of smart tv which you can use it for better streaming . this features are very useful if  you have Installed  Kodi on Samsung Smart TV or lg smart tv.

  • You can able to access direct internet on your TV and there is no more use of PC or laptops to browse the internet. You can able to access Facebook, Youtube, and other sites on a big display.
  • There are many types of ports on your smart TV like USB, HDMI, Ethernet and other ports. These ports can allow you to get your smart TV connected with many kinds of devices. ? so The most important thing is that you can get your PC connected to your smart TV directly and enjoys playing HD games.
  • Even You can use  wifi direct feature, sharing of media files on your TV has become easy. It means that the transferring of any file will be very fast and then you can enjoy the same on your TV.
  • You can install kodi on roku too. roku is nothing it is a just a set up box.

i hope you liked this post and you have successfully installed Kodi On Samsung Smart Tv and Lg smart tv. so if you have still any query then feel free to comment down.

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