Is NetFlix Down?

Is Netflix Down or Is Something Wrong Just With My Netflix?.




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Is Your Netflix Down?

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Unarguably, Netflix is one of the most powerful and biggest video streaming services in the world right now. But, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it comes without any glitches or issues. If you are someone who is often found contemplating that “Is My Netflix Down Right Now?”, then you definitely aren’t alone! This problem is often backed with a myriad range of reasons why you might be suffering from Netflix not working or is netflix down issues, such as reliance on apps, Internet connection, change of server locations and third-party hardware. If your Netflix is not working properly and you are unable to watch movies or shows, then this might leave the Netflix momentarily unavailable. But fret no more; as we know how to solve your dilemma of ‘Is Netflix Down?’ issue and assist you with ‘Netflix and Chill’ vibe. Let’s first start with understanding the basics of what does Netflix Down means

Top Netflix Not Working Errors
We often see users asking if Netflix is down. This is because they often see one of these Netflix not working errors:
Sorry, we are unable to reach the Netflix service.
Please try again later or visit 
Cannot Connect to Netflix
Cannot reach
Netflix is Not Available
Netflix is Unavailable
Unable to Connect to Netflix
Android Error: Connection Failed

Netflix Downtime and outages

As someone who has an in-depth understanding of service architecture, outages and linked service problems of Video on Demand (VoD) services, especially Netflix. In brief, Netflix Down is something that gives you a real understanding of the live status information, as per your geographical area’s location.We conceptualize this service by making users aware of the fact that Netflix Down hatches from the point of view that the Video On Demand service does a below average job of enlightening public regarding temporal inactivity or outages – something that in worse cases can even last up to 2 to 3 days.

Troubleshooting Netflix errors

Initial Steps You Can Take To Fix Your Netflix Isn’t Working Properly Problem

Try These Quick Fixes When Your Netflix is Down ( Is Netflix Down )
When you can’t figure out what exactly the problem is, you would be surprised to know how these simple steps can actually fix your problem.

  1. Log out and log back into Netflix on your device
  2. Sign out of all the Netflix devices on your account (here). Post this, wait for a minute or so, and then sign back into the account you were using.
  3. Often times, updating or simply re-installing the Netflix app is where the real solution lies.
  4. Restart your device. Do give a 3-seconds buffer time before switching on your device.
  5. Update your device’s OS or ANDROID software.
  6. While using a console, do check if Xbox Live is down (here) or if the PlayStation Network is down (here).
  7. If you are using a Samsung Smart TV, disable Samsung Instant On in Settings > General for a quick solution.

Fixing Netflix errors

Initial Steps You Can Take To Fix Your Netflix Isn’t Working Properly Problem

So, if you Netflix isn’t working the first thing you would want to do is start by finding what exactly is the problem and what all steps you can take to fix it.

  1. First and foremost, start by troubleshooting your device. Find out if the problem is with the Netflix app, or Netflix account of yours, or your Internet connection is acting up or the device you are using is giving you problem. To solve this problem, you can also make use of Outage Map to see where all people, on a global scale, are having troubles while using Netflix.
  2. If there’s an error message that is reflecting on your screen (more on this below), then you might also want to type the error into the search bar of Netflix Help Center. However, if your screen is just black, then do check out this page.
  3. If even after several attempts, you are getting ‘failed sign in’ error, then you can go checkout Netflix Help Center for some immediate help. But a sensible option here would be to check with other account users and ask if they have changed the password. Also, do check if you have hit your account’s limits for the number of devices that can be used at a single point of time.
  4. Do check if you are able to access other websites or not. If not, then you might have lost the Internet connection and you need to re-start it for it to start working again smoothly.
  5. Also, do check if your Internet connection speed is fast enough for streaming. This is because Netflix requires certain amount of connection speed, which you can be enlightened about here. Also, you must check for reaching those speed limits by visiting a speed testing website, such as

Netflix Outage Map

In order to understand how the Netflix interruptions work globally, you can checkout the ‘outage map’. This map demarcates the geographical locations of latest stoppage events. Do keep in mind that this reveals the number of ‘destinations’ where the interruptions have occurred as per the outage reports and not the ‘intensity’. In order to determine, by when will the issue get a proper solution, do contact Netflix Help Center.

When You Are Unable to Access Netflix – Follow These Troubleshooting Pointers

If by going towards the “check” button, you tend to see a green bar, however you still seem to be unable to access Netflix – then your problem isn’t a simple troubleshooting one. Do try some of the below-mentioned problem fixes for troubleshooting:

Browser Fixes

Upon visiting a website, you must have noticed that your browser tend to keep a record of your history and information. This is stored in the browser in the format of caches and cookies. This helps to amp up the process of loading for your prompt use later. After a while, this can lead to problem when you want to log into a particular website you wish to. This also includes the streaming service provider, Netflix.

One of the quickest and easiest fixes to this problem is to perform a full website refresh by clicking together the CTRL + F5 keys from the keypad. This is most likely to do its magic. If the problem still persists, then do go ahead and clear out the cache and cookies, which are keeping the record of your temporary history. This step will let you have the ability to get hold of the most latest version of any website you wish to browse, as the browser tends to now have fresh files extracted from the website server.

DNS Fixes

Your browser can identify Domain Name System (DNS) through the website’s IP address (192.168.x.x) with words (*.com). Think of it as a phonebook record for the websites that leads to easy access and quick recalling for later usage. Often your ISP makes this service available.

If you are unable to make use of Netflix, then do keep in mind that you must clear out your locally available DNS cache. This will let your ISP to locate the last history cache available for browsing.

You can also make use of Google Public DNSOpenDNS, or any other free of cost and premium DNS service.


Black screen issue on Netflix

Often a problem that is faced by PC or computer users, the black screen issue could be caused by various reasons making the screen go black. 

To solve this issue, start by clearing Netflix cookies. If the problem still persists, then close the browser completely and try searching for something else before going onto Netflix. Do try using a different browser too. For example, if you are using Chrome, try using Firefox or Safari. If the problem still lingers on, do check for active antivirus on your device and update its model. 

Netflix issue in Apple TV or Is Netflix down as service?

If you are continuously facing Netflix isn’t working issue on your Apple TV, then start by re-starting your device. If the problem still remains, then restart your Internet router once. In case the problem still persists, do sign out and then wait for a few seconds before signing in on your account. In case no option works and the problem continues, then update the iOS software of your Apple TV.


Netflix problem in PS4

We have often heard that PS4 console users tend to solve the ‘Is Netflix Down’ problem by re-installing the app. For this, you need to go to the TV and choose the video screen option. Tap in the option button and select ‘delete’ then ‘Ok’. After deleting, re-download Netflix on your device. Sign back and start streaming again

Netflix errors on Xbox One

Xbox One users often tend to face Netflix down problem. This can be solved by simply turning off your Xbox, waiting for thirty odd seconds and turning on the Xbox. If the problem is still not addressed, you can press the menu button on your Xbox and go to Settings and Log Out of your Netflix, and then logging in again. 

Netflix errors on Windows 10

In order to fully understand the Netflix down errors in Windows 10, one must know that Netflix app on the Windows Store has dependencies on certain system files. Making sure that your Windows is up to date with latest updates is one of the easiest and quickest ways to ensure that your Netflix is working properly in Windows 10. This will lead to eradicate any out of date data, which is causing the error to get updated automatically. 

However, if the Netflix video is garbled on Windows 10, then also your first reaction should be to update the Windows, except this time it is the video drivers. If you’re using an iGPU, use Windows Update. Also, do update discrete graphic card users (NVIDIA/AMD) with their associated program or through their manufacturer’s website. 

Frequently asked questions: Why is My Netflix Down

Answered below are a lieu of most asked questions regarding Netflix, which can be used in case of Netflix troubleshooting.

Why is my Netflix down?

Well, your Netflix can be down because of these two most common issues: trouble with your Internet connectivity or trouble with the Netflix app or account. Go for the quickest solution by restarting your router. If the problem still persists, then completely clear the cache and all the related sign-in details from your browse before accessing Netflix. 

What does Netflix errors 1011 and 1012 means?

Often experienced on iOS mobile phones and android devices, these errors can also occur in varied other devices such as smart TVs, consoles, etc. In order to resolve this issue, start by resetting the Netflix app. Explained below are a few different ways of resolving the resetting issue of Netflix:

  • Start by navigating to the setting option on your device
  • Then, go on to the App manager where you will search the the Netflix app
  • Tap on to the clear cache and clear data
  • Press OK to end the process
  • Try to login into the Netflix app again to see if the issue is resolved
Can I watch Netflix shows offline and save on my Internet data?

It is a well-known fact that YES, one can easily watch TV shows and movies on Netflix even when you are not online. However, for this you will have to download the content in advance. But yes, only iOS and Android app users can make use of this offline-viewing feature. In order to manage download location, start by visiting the Netflix app, press on the “Menu”, then go to App Settings, followed by Download Location and locate the best destination and server (which can be either WiFi or Phone Internet Provider) for downloads in the near future.

How can I solve the constant occurrence of Netflix error 1016 issue?

Often mainly focused on iOS, this issue occurs on iPhones or iPads. One of the foremost reasons for Network 1016 issue is bad network connection. For you to solve this issue do reset the connection on your device. Start by visiting the home screen and tapping on the airplane icon. Hang in there for a few seconds, before touching it again to deactivate the airplane mode. This should most probably solve the Netflix isn’t working issue. If the problem still lingers on, then you can restart the device. Click on to the sleep or wake button in a continuous manner until the red slider appears. Drag the slider so that your device is completely in a power off mode. Wait for a few seconds and then press the sleep/wake button to turn it on and use Netflix.

Why can’t I stream Netflix in HD?

This problem tends to occur often if your Internet connection isn’t up to the prescribed speed limit. Hence, do check if your Internet connection speed is fast enough for streaming. This is because Netflix requires certain amount of connection speed, which you can be enlightened about here. Also, you must check for reaching those speed limits by visiting a speed testing website, such as

Also, in the meantime, make sure to keep your Playback Settings set to “High” and in the option of video player, do tick the “Allow HD” option in the option of video player. In case you are using a streaming device that connects to your TV, connect to an HDMI port or Component Video. 

Most importantly, you need to get your hands on a speedier and more robust Internet connection that helps you with quality HD stream viewing in order to ‘Netflix and Chill’ all day long.

Why am I constantly facing the Netflix error 12001 issue?

Android device users mainly face the Netflix 12001 error. The reason for it majorly could be the outdated data. You may have faced such an error if you are using an Android device to watch Netflix movies and shows. The only solution to this error is to clear out the data on your device. To perform the same, start by going to the Setting option on your device. Go to the Application manager button and click on the Netflix app. Clear out all the caches and data and press OK. Now, simply open the Netflix app again to see if the error is resolved.

How does the Netflix free trial work?

The way Netflix free trial is a pretty simple one. For this, just pay a visit to the “Sign Up” page of Netflix and choose any one of the desired plans from the three subscription options given; namely: Basic, Standard, and Premium (pricing of which may vary country to country). Once this is done, it is highly suggested to start by opting for a month’s Free Trial. This way only when the trail ends, you will be charged.

How Can I Control How Much Data Netflix Uses?

For you to track Netflix usage, you should be aware of the fact that when streaming SD quality videos it will consume 1GB per hour, and for HD video it will consume 3GB of data per hour. This can create a slight issue for those users who have some kind of bandwidth caps in their internet plans. In such a case, it would be advisable to stream on a comparatively smaller screen and choose lower quality viewing, which would be somewhere around 0.3GB per hour. Do keep in mind to also de-select the “Play Next Episode Automatically” option for saving on your Internet’s GBs. But having said that, getting better data package with higher value of GBs is the best way to enjoy Netflix in all its glory.

I can connect to Netflix with what all devices?

You can relish watching whatever you fancy on Netflix movies/TV shows from any of the internet-enabled devices. And that’s where the true beauty of Netflix lies. You can use Netflix on literally end number of platforms, such as gaming consoles, laptops, computers, Blu-Ray Players, DVD players, smartphones, home theater systems and tablets. And the best part is that even if you don’t have a Netflix app on you, you can just simply browse Netflix through website and enjoy TV shows and movies all day long.

Can I stream on Netflix through multiple devices at one time?

This sweet option of family viewing on different devices at the same time is available on Netflix. However, it is pivotal to note that it is limited to STREAMING on only two devices simultaneously. If you wish to, you can also upgrade this service to four streams simultaneously for its optimum functionality. When logging onto your Netflix account for the very first time for subscription, the users get to have the ability of adding to a total of six devices. You need to add these devices into your known list of number of devices, for you and five other members to use Netflix anytime and anywhere. 

If I am constantly travelling or plan to relocate sometime soon, will this affect my Netflix account?

Well, your account’s sign-in ID and Password remains the same wherever you go globally. However, what’s going to majorly change is whatever to choose to view on Netflix movies/TV shows; it is based on the country you plan on visiting. Also, the way you exercise your parental control settings might require immediate configuration. Even your most trending, to be continued watch list, reviews, trending or star ratings might alter or disappear. But the best part is irrespective of wherever you relocate, you can always have the option of paying in the same currency (as you signed up with). Just in case, do alter your shipping address with the new address of yours in the settings section though.

Why does Netflix say it cannot play title?

This is a usual error that occurs not because your Netflix is down, but because you might be facing connectivity issues. If possible, do try shifting to a separate network. It is often observed that switching out of the app and restarting the app works. When nothing else seems to be working, then reinstalling the app is the best way forward!

Why does my Netflix app keep crashing?

This happens mostly when either your iOS or Android device’s software isn’t updated. This might also happen if your Netflix app isn’t updated to the version that is the latest one. Check your app store for any upgrades available. However, if you face the same problem with your desktop browsing website, then you need to be aware that you might notice your firewall might be blocking the access. In such a case, you need to give the network permissions to Netflix so that it doesn’t crash anymore.

Why is my Netflix constantly buffering and what can I do to stop this from happening?

To understand the depth of this Netflix isn’t working error, you need to start by checking your Internet speed and opt for a faster network provider. Then go ahead and get your hands on the Netflix‘s secret men, which can be accessed by performing this exact action: Shift+Alt+Left and Shift+Option+Click (which is only applicable for Mac). Now, you need to go ahead and choose the stream manager and align the buffering rate with the playback option. .

I don’t want my Netflix viewing history to be revealed. What can I do in this regard?

This can be checked for all your past titles you have viewed on Netflix by viewing the “Activity” page. Netflix gives you the option of hiding individual titles by clicking on the “X” sign right adjacent to the movie/series (this process might take up to 24 hours). This means that after opting for this option you will no longer be able to see the titles in “Continue Watching” and “Recently Watched” section.

What does Netflix error NW-2-5 means?

Again, this error called NW-2-5 is basically linked to your network connectivity issue. Check your network connection, restart the router or opt for faster connection speed. The best way to work on this issue is by improving the WiFi signal. Another quick and timesaving hack is to directly connect your Netflix-viewing device to the Internet router.

What am I constantly getting code NW-4-7 on my Netflix?

Upon seeing the NW-4-7 code, you should be immediately refreshing information, which is automatically backed up and stored on your server. This can be done by starting by clearing the cache and cookies from the complete history of your browser from which you are accessing Netflix. Even after this, if you are unable to come to a solution and you are not able to view error-free Netflix TV shows and movies, then you must opt for using a DNS service.

What am I not getting any audio through my speakers while viewing Netflix?

In such a scenario when no audible sound can be heard through the speakers, however the video is playing error-free, then do check if your headphones are properly plugged in. If they are, then check for the HDMI cord, which should be plugged in all the way. When facing this issue on your mobile devices, turn off any Bluetooth headset that is currently connected. 

Why am I unable to view movies or TV shows on Netflix search?

Users who are frequently travelling because of restricting access of content mostly face this particular error. One must understand that Netflix works in a pretty dynamic way and shows selected audiences content based on their regions’ choices, preferences, styles and culture. 

Netflix has restricting access to certain programming based on the country your account is locked to. In such a case, making use of a VPN or altering DNS settings can get you around this problem without changing the core likability and preference of your account. 

Why is my Netflix isn’t working while streaming on Chromecast?

This is because when you stream any kind of content, be it TV shows or movies, on Netflix for a longer period of time it tends to show error on Chromecast. This is because of the small memory of a Chromecast, which particularly happens when streaming HD content. Resetting or re-installing the Netflix app on the Chromecast is the only way it will allow streaming to continue on a normal pace.

Why is my Netflix closing unexpectedly on multiple devices?

When too many devices are connected at once, at times it leads to closing of Netflix with no specific error code. If this happens quite frequently, then the best solution would be to deactivate Netflix on the device. Once you reactive it, it will act like a fresh installation and things on Netflix will work smooth from there on.

Why am I unable to change the TV Picture Settings when viewing a Netflix show?

This often happens because the Netflix application doesn’t have a Picture setting option. But yes, you can Change the picture settings through the TV menu and then go back to watching the desired Netflix video.