10 Best Free Kodi VPN Apps you can Use in 2020

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If you are a person who dislikes having a relation with the cable TV companies, then Kodi is the best solution to this problem. But there are many channels which are geographically blocked in many countries. If you’re favorite web series or TV show is blocked in your own country. Then you may get a chance to unblock the blocked content by using a Kodi VPN installed in your device. There are many number of free VPN’s are present in the market. In this article we will see about the top 10 Free Kodi VPN apps that we can install and use from the internet resources. Now, let us get into the article to find out the best Kodi VPN apps of 2019 for your further reference.

2020 Free Kodi VPN Apps List

For information, another important feature of the VPN is to protect the online identity of the user. Yes! You have heard it right. VPN is used to unblock the geographically blocked content and also helps to maintain the privacy of the online user in the internet. VPN is available in both free and paid forms. If you are a person who needs high privacy and security in the internet browsing, then you can go with pad VPNs. Free VPN also provides good amount o privacy to the online user. In this article we will see about the top 10 free Kodi VPN apps which are available in the market.

Proton VPN

Proton VPN is one of the best VPN which are available in the market. It provides o boundaries to the data limit. It means that we can able to stream the online data endlessly. It also provides security at top level and for a free VPN he security provided by proton VPN is best. But the thing is, it only provides three free locations. We have to choose from it. If your location is nearer to one of the server location, then you can enjoy a good speed and performance. If your location is far away from the server location, it means that we can enjoy only the average speed and performance. By keeping in mind that it is available for free, we can ignore this problem.

 If you are a person, who is looking for a VPN which provides endless data limits, with high security and decent speed then proton VPN is the best choice for you. When installed, it also provides free 7 day trial for the pro version. If you like the pr version, then you can subscribe to it.

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, Linux

Install: Proton VPN Free, Pro version starts $5/month


Betternet is very similar to the proton VPN.  The only difference is that the speed provided by the betternet is usually better than the proton VPN. It also offers endless data limits to the online streaming movies, videos and web series. It unblocks the geographical restrictions in some of the content using the Kodi apps. In the betternet VPN both the VPN service provider and the application publisher will also get benefitted from the usage of the Kodi VPN app.

This model is more likely a business model. It has a business motive like, it will make us to watch short ideas during the installation or lie streaming the videos. Which will make them to earn money and they can also make benefit. If it is used in the mobile devices, it provides us with the sponsored apps so that if any one installs the apps, both the app publisher and also the VPN service provider will get benefited. This VPN provides the best speed, performance and endless data limits and hence it is one of the best Free VPNs available in the market.

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, Linux

Install: Betternet VPN Free, Pro version starts $2.99/month, if you choose the yearly plan.

Siga VPN

Siga VPN is the open source VPN, which can be used for all our Kodi VPN needs. The installation process of the Siga is bit more complex as it is available as the open source software.

It has all the functionalities which should be needed in the Kodi VPN app. The only thing about this Kodi VPN is that it is a community based VPN. If one regularly uses the Siga, then he/she should pay their donation to the developer to run the Kodi VPN. It is not mandatory for users who are not regular. Its server is located in the New York, Las Vegas, Luxembourg and also in Netherlands. They have also planned to expand the server to other regions also.

Platforms: Windows, Android, iOS

Install: Siga VPN Free

VPN Gate

VPN Gate is a VPN created by the University of Tsukuba, Japan. It is actually done for an academic project and it now running successfully all around the world.

It has servers running all over the worlds and it is run by the volunteers from all over the world. The installation process is likely complex, but if you are a person who is well experienced in handling such things. Then this won’t be a difficult task for them. It provides a decent amount of performance with no data tracking. If you are a person who is looking for free Kodi apps with good speed and performance, then it the best choice.

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS

Install:  VPN Gate Free

Freemium VPN for Kodi


Windscribe is the most popular Kodi VPN which is used by many people. It provides the best performance with decent speed. The privacy and data protection provided by the windscribe is very worthy.

It provides the security with the encryption process. But the thing is, it provides the data limit which is 10 GB per month. That the user can use the 10 GB data limit for any purpose in the Kodi app. It also provides the long list of server location we can choose the best suited one for us. If the server is chosen which is nearer to us, then we can able to enjoy the high speed and performance from the Kodi app.

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, Linux

Install: Windscribe VPN Free, Pro version starts $4.09/month, if you choose the yearly plan

Tunnel Bear

Tunnel Bear is another popular Freemium version which is available in the market. It has all the functionalities which is need to be present in the Kodi VPN Apps.

It provides full security with the browsing data that is; it keeps all the browsing history private. But it offers the data capacity of just 500 MB per month. But it can be easily overcome by recharging it can be simply done by tweeting from the app or simply inviting others to the app. By doing this we can get additional 1 GB of data. It may be enough for light users, but for heavy users. There is also another solution to this problem. That is you can install the premium version of the Kodi VPN. The windscribe has the higher data limit but when compared to the performance Tunnel Bear is better.

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, Linux

Install: Tunnel Bear VPN Free, Pro version starts $4.99/month, if you choose the yearly plan.

Hide Me VPN

Hide Me VPN provides the best quality security and speed in the Kodi apps. It is totally based on the privacy protection and it also does the encryption from point to point network. It also provides the chance to unblock the content from the geographic restrictions.

It has many servers, which is approximately 55 locations the servers are present. So we can able to get the maximum speed in the process. It also provides the data limit upto 2 GB per month. Though it is enough for light users, but for heavy users this limit may lead to bottle neck. To overcome this problem, we can subscribe o the premium version of the app.

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, Linux, chrome OS

Install: Hide.Me VPN Free, Pro version starts $5.41/month, if you choose the yearly plan.


Speedify is the Kodi VPN which has the stellar network speed and it also provides the performance at high speed. The Speedify has the 35 server in different geographical locations, which can provide best performance in many ways.

By using this VPN we can able to unblock the contents from many geographic locations. The security level provided by the Speedify is very good and it also offers the encryption process from end to end. The data limit provided by the Speedify is way higher than any other VPN process. It provides 5 GB of data per month. Here also, if you need extra data, you can subscribe to the premium account of the Speedify VPN.

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS

Install: Speedify VPN Free; Pro version starts $8.99/month, if you choose the yearly plan.

Okay Freedom

Okay Freedom is the VPN whish has a decent performance and speed. It can also have the data limit of 2 GB per month. It is suitable for light users. It has a decent privacy protection in the internet and it also hides the identity of the user in the browsing. It can be easily switched on and off by the user or the client. It has many servers which are present all over the world. The user can choose the server which is nearer to the, for the best experience. It is ad supported, that is we have to see the sponsored ads during watching the content in the Kodi. Overall it is an okay Kodi VPN app.

Platforms: Windows

Install:  Okay Freedom VPN Free; Pro version starts $29.5/month


Hide man is the VPN model which is quite different from the others. It provides all the functionality of the paid VPN. But the thing is, it provides all the functionality just or one hour every day. The new users a get the additional time limit of 6 hours. If you want to use it for free then only one server is made available which is present in Russia.

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, Linux, chrome OS

Install: Hideman VPN Free, Pro version starts $9/month.

How to set a proxy server on Kodi

VPN is used to hide the identity of a person in the internet, where proxy server also does the same process but here it is done without any third party app. The good thing to hear is that, Kodi has an option to set proxy servers; it can be done by using the following steps. They are

  1. Open the Kodi app and search for the Settings gear icon
  2. After that, click on the system button which is present on the top bottom corner.
  3. There click on basic and the menu will change to basic.
  4. Hit the Internet Access, then enable the Use Proxy Server Toggle and it will provide the following details about the process.

And finally, we have installed the privacy protection in our device with the help of the proxy servers, without using the third party.

Stream the content privately with these Kodi VPN apps

The above article contains the list of VPN apps, in which 4 are completely free and other 6 are coupled with the premium versions. Here, we have seen that the paid VPN provides top level security, if you want to hide yourself from the online. Then these Kodi apps are really useful. If you are in need of high security, then it is advised to go with premium version apps. These VPN Kodi apps are normally used to enhance the security and privacy in the browsing history. The only thing is it requires the third party files. To overcome this problem, also we have a solution that is to use the proxy server which does the same work of the VPN, but without the third party.

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