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Every Kodi user must have used different video addon for watching movies, TV series, show and, sports on kodi. I am sure all of you have come across different popup messages while you try to watch videos using add-ons like the exodus. It will show the whole list of the servers available for streaming. One such server is Olpair or ‘Openload pair’. When you choose openload server, it shows an error like Openload Stream Authorization provided by Many Kodi users are also getting Error on KodiSo today in this post we are going to share the exact method to fix pairing issue on Kodi.

What is or Olpair Error? Or is one of the biggest database servers which consists of millions of tv shows, videos, and movies. These servers allow us to watch our favorite movies and tv shows for free. Due to free service of, servers may get down or sometimes they are crashed due to huge traffic. To fix this downtime of server, developers have introduced stream authorization where the authorized user can able to enjoy the online streaming.  As we mentioned above this olpair or openload pair error stops us to stream or watch the movies, Sports and TV shows and series that are hosted on Openload server. So In this tutorial, we are going to share the complete guide on how to fix olpair error in few simple steps. We have also shared the guide on How To Disable Pairing Pop Ups On Kodi

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Please note that Changed to So you can follow the same procedure for

How To Fix Error on Kodi

There are different ways to fix olpair error on kodi. But here we have shared some best working methods which are esay to use. So follow this article till the end to Pair your device.

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Methods to Fix Openload Pair On Kodi

  • Fixing Olapir Using Hosters With Captchas
  • Fix olpair using URL Resolver
  • Fix Olpair Kodi error by authorizing your IP

Steps To solve https// or is as follows (With Screenshots)

  • In the first steps, all of you have to play any videos or movies on Kodi.
  • While you click on the link as or Video Link, A pop-up message will occur that shows the message as To Play this video, authorization is required (Check above image).
  • If you are streaming a movie using Exodus 7.0 Kodi addon or any video add-ons, a pop up gets raised. That asks you to load all the server.
  • So firstly you need to Visit the link below to authorize the devices on Your Network.
  • Now open your browser and type (check below image)

  • Here you will find your IP address, now you just need to click on the checkbox that contains text like I Am Not Robot.
  • Here you need to solve the captcha and then click on Pair.
  • If the pairing is successful you will get a message like that “pairing is successful
  • Now you can enjoy it for 4 hours. After that, you’ve to pair it again.

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Alternate Method to Resolve Openload pair OR olpair Kodi Error

In this guide, we will solve Openload pair( error using Hosters With Captchas method. Read on to know how to pair in 2 minutes.

  • Launch your kodi software.
  • Go to Add-ons and select Video Add-ons.

https olpair com

  • Here You will see the list of Add-ons.
  • Find the Exodus addon.

openload pair

  • Do Right Click on Exodus addon.
  • Now Select Settings and open settings window.

  • Choose Playback option.

https olpair com

  • Now turn off the Hosters with captchas option and then click on Ok.

So this is the Alternate Method to Resolve or olpair Kodi Error. Now you can enjoy the video without any error.


Is is free to use?

Yes, it’s completely free to use. you can watch your favorite movies and tv shows after pairing your device (You need to pair again after every 4 hours, but its easy right?)

Is it safe to use Openload pair?

Yes. its safe to use but still, to be on safe side, you can use VPN to hide your IP address.


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