How to Install Players Klub on Kodi (Watch 1000+ Channels)

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Today, we are back again with something new on Kodi. We have written many articles on best add-ons for Kodi and how to download and install them. You might already know about some awesome third party video add-ons that are available for Kodi. We have again got an awesome add-on for watching IPTV with hundreds of channels for you. And as always, it is going to be free to watch. Yes, there is no doubt that we will certainly guide you how to install it and use it on Kodi. The add-on which we are talking about is Players Klub Kodi add-on. Read on to know everything you want about Players Klub add-on and how to install players Klub on Kodi.

Players Klub: Everything You Need to Know

Players Klub is IPTV add-on that offers US-based content primarily along with on-demand video content, live sports, etc. It provides you with the login information which usually changes at regular intervals. It offers both free and paid subscriptions, free is ad-supported and paid costs around $8 per month. The paid version is certainly better and it will provide you with your personal login.

How to Install Players Klub on Kodi?

Now as we already know that Players Klub is an add-on developed by third-party developers, we will first have to enable installation from unknown sources from Kodi settings. This is because Kodi does not allow installation of third-party add-ons by default because of security reasons. So just follow these simple steps to enable installation from unknown sources.

  1. Access side left menu from Kodi home page. On the top of the menu, you will see a gear like settings icon, click on that.
  2. Now Click on ‘system settings’
  3. Here you will find the option to enable unknown installation from a third party unknown sources which will be off by default, just turn it on.

Players Klub Kodi Installation Guide (The Players Klub IPTV)

You are now ready for easy installation of Players Klub add-on on Kodi. If you have read our earlier articles then you will already know that we have to search for a repository where this add-on can be found. But we have made it easy for you as we will provide you the link to repository along with next steps below.

  • Go to Kodi home page and again access settings icon from the left menu.
  • Now the screen that appeared earlier will appear again. But this time you have to click on ‘File manager’ instead of system settings unlike earlier.
  • Click on ‘add source’ option as seen above in order to add file source of Players Klub repository where the add-on file is located.
  • Now a prompt dialogue box will appear where you have to input source link.
  • Enter this link or URL after clicking on ‘None’:

  • Enter the name of the source as ’Players Klub’ for our easy reference.


  • Go back again to Kodi home page to access ‘Add-ons’ option from the side menu.
  • To begin installation of the add-on, click ‘install from zip’ as below.

  • You will see the file source name that we added in the above steps.
  • Now you will be able to locate ‘Players Klub’ repository zip so that you can install it.
  • Kodi will soon notify you that the repository was installed. Now you will have to use this repository to install the actual add-on. To do that, click on ‘install from repository’ on the same screen as before.
  • See the ‘Players Klub’ repository listed as below and click on it.



  • Further, select ‘video add-ons’.
  • Finally, you will see the only name of ‘Players Klub’ for its installation.
  • Click ‘install’ and wait for a few moments until it is complete. Kodi will again notify you when it’s installed.
  • Now Players Klub Kodi add-on will be available in the add-on library available in the side menu of Kodi home page for launch and use.

How to Launch Players Klub on Kodi?

  • Once you click on add-ons from the left menu, you will see the list of add-ons.
  • Locate ‘The players Klub’ in the list and click on it. You will see below screen.
  • Now as we mentioned earlier, it will ask for login information.
  • To access free account, enter the Username and Password.

Final Words

Thank you for being with us friends. We have successfully completed the demonstration of players club add-on installation on Kodi and we hope we were able to explain clearly how to install players Klub on Kodi. We wish you happy streaming your favorite IPTV channels on this add-on along with hundreds of different channels as well.

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