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Have your website been working well? Do you ever think that you web hosting service providers are charging you $150 a month but still you can everything what you need at $15. Do you want to add software that your web hosting provider wouldn’t allow you to install? If all of the answers are positive then you shall consider changing your web hosting service provider.

To keep it simple and easy for you, web hosting service provider’s stores that files that will complete your website and connect and establish them to the actual website. The best hosting service providers are having hundreds of web servers; all of the servers are fully secured, complete in design, having backup system, power backup and other ingredients that ensure that you web stay live and functional.

How do you like to search for a trustworthy and reliable web hosting to meet the requirements of your organization?  Of course it is hard to find the reliable one as there are hundreds of service providers in the market, so how would you choose the best one for your organization? You would certainly be counting on pricing, features and tools when going to select among different available providers.

Idealware have asked this question from 9 different nonprofit technology professionals and ask them to share their preferable web hosting service providers. From the advice of these consultants, we are able to make list for some top service providers.

Always select reliable hosting provider:

Technically it is possible that your website can stay up and live from your computer, but it isn’t a great idea at all. Letting your friend, relative or one of your office staff member to host your website is considered as cheapest way to host your website on internet and of course it will save a lot of money but again, there are several many risk associated with it.  Crashes, power shortage, hacking could make your website offline for long time period.

In simple words, you have to trust the professional service provider who got the ability to host your website live on internet without any disturbance. They are equipped with strong firewalls, reliable backup, power generators, high quality backup and can also able to accommodate large audience to your website with reliable and trustworthy web hosting.

A professional web hosting provider can offer excellent infrastructure to nonprofit organizations as they can afford to deal it. This is a bit costly but you will be having peace of mind as someone professional is handle all these issues on your behalf.

Web Designers are not hosting service providers

It has been notice that the person who is building your website and designing it offer you to host the website on your behalf. This looks simple and easy way but you need to be stay careful.

When you are doing this, you must ask your designer that where actually is the server located? A well reputed web developer will allocate some space to your website under the reseller agreement and manage its all vendors and will charge you some amount against the website hosting services.

It is important for you to ensure that what sort of services you are offered against your package. You have to know what will be the bandwidth, storage; upgrade path, email service and framework.  Keep in mind that sometime hosting with a website designer become much more expensive than buying it from direct service provider.  The reason is simple, there are more channels involved and more and more people are charging their fees.  You shall keep an eye on the cost of hosting.

Generally it is important for you to skip the middleman and buy directly from the hosting providers. Well if you have good working relationship with web developer, you can hire him for this job as you have long term working relations with him rather than hosting company. Sometime hosting companies used some jargons that common man unable to understand unless he is specialized in this field.

The Basic Shared Hosting

The economical, simple and fussy way to host a Web site lies is in the course commonly called a common hosting provider. In this type of arrangement, the records of your Website are stored over a server that in addition hosts a large amount of other popular and famed sites.

The Shared Hosting providers are locating to allow an association with important Web-building skills and knowledge to run their own website with no involvement of the hosting company. The association of a hosting company can upload their personal Web site records as well as can usually make sure sightseer data, create new email accounts along with resetting of passwords without involving the personnel of the hosting service.

Fixed amount of storage as well as bandwidth per month

Web site generally makes a procedure which has a susceptibility of differing on:

  1. The amount of file storage selected over the server’s hard drive
  2. The amount of bandwidth the website is permissible per month.

You can work out your standard monthly bandwidth by multiplying the amount of records which your visitors of website are possible to access in a month with your website’s standard file size. If you have loads of videos, images or large files in the PDF format, a very little storage and bandwidth sketch is about to be adequate. 

Ability of controlling files and passwords:

Every Web hosting providers allow you uploads records to the mutual server via FTP. Whereas a small number o f web hosting providers permit most advance file control in the course like protocol called SSH which can present much simpler as well as more safe ways to upload and download files although others propose Web-based upload apparatus to patrons that don’t like to use either FTP or SSH. Some providers also permit you to create highly protected sections of your Website where you can put a limit to files to website visitors with a provided password which produce redirects in such a way that an agreed Web page is accessible under numerous URLs and more.

Support for mandatory databases as well as programming languages:

In general shared hosting accounts will assist moderately sophisticated databases and programming languages — but make certain yours supports the precise tools and versions you like to make use of. Most hosts make use of a setup having a Linux or Unix-like operating system, a MySQL database, Apache Web server software and a PHP or Perl language. This kind of setup is not about to support Web sites generated in ASP or else ColdFusion. Similarly, some hosts make use of only Microsoft setup — having Windows operating system, Internet Information Server (IIS) as Web server, SQL Server as database, and Active Server Pages as programming languages — and this kind of server may or may not work out with PHP and MySQL. To be in no doubt, verify with your provider prior to you sign up.

Ability of installing applications specifically designed for a shared hosting:

Numerous applications — and mostly those which are an open source — are planned to be installed in the shared hosting atmosphere. The majority of hosting providers will allow you installing these as desired, and may even ask for a utility to assist you for the installation of the further ordinary applications. A few applications, on the other hand, need more access to server in order to change system files or else the global settings of the website that shared hosting services normally permit. Simple is that you may not be permitted for the installation of a few of your organization’s applications over the normal shared host. Once more, considering this prior to you sign up with an exacting provider will secure you trouble for future.

Traffic statistics:

A large number of hosting providers will present you online reports regarding the basic statistics concerning to your website, like the number of visitors you get every day, form where they visit your website, and at what page they go over your website. The traffic statics can be very functional; however a lot of nonprofits at the present track their website statistics by means of a package such as Google Analytics that does not need anything precise from the hosting providers.

The up gradation path

With the growth of you website and your online plan get extra multifaceted you may require additional storage, bandwidths or flexibility. Search for a provider that offers an upgradeable hosting. If not, you will have got to move your website to a further powerful host at the time when you develop further than your present hosting plan.

Email account

Email accounts are strongly bound to the Web hosting plans. As there are many options for getting an email account — for example, via Google Apps — a lot of Web hosts give you numerous email accounts that attribute the similar domain as your Website. The email accounts permit you to mail and get email by means of a Web interface or else downloading your messages in your Outlook or standards-based email customers. All hosting providers do not present exceptional email hosting service, however. Virus as well as spam protection quality and Web-based email class administration devices can differ generally, and a few providers set severe limits on outgoing mail ability in an attempt to stop spammers from mistreatment of the hosting system.

Customer service

In case of any type of problem, will you be capable of reaching someone knowledgeable to whom you can speak to in the language you comprehend? Customer services vary broadly considering the providers, and are actually a chief differentiator amid the $ per month hosts as well as the $30 per month hosts. Till the time you get extremely comfortable feeling with hosting conceptions and are up to ask accurate technical queries, it is finest to give more for a host that presents improved customer service for all stages of technical knowledge.

Which one is for you?

If you have decided that a shared server is a good choice to you, which one would you choose among the thousands of hosting companies? We surely have not practiced with them all, however here are quite a few well-liked providers that our suppliers have considered to be dependable:


DreamHost presents free of charge hosting for non-profits, an awfully user-friendly control panel, as well as simple installation of general software. On the other hand, at one time, websites hosted by the corporation have worn-out for minutes or might be hours with no warnings, and it does not present any kind of phone-support alternatives (all assistance is through emails). Generally, a free of charge hosting choice should only be measured by incredibly low-budget associations for whom it would not be a disaster if their website gone down for small moments of time.

Electric Embers

A tiny hosting corporation that provides services to nonprofits, Electric Embers’ charge is presented on the sliding scale that varies from $5 to $20 a month. Whereas control-panel utility is not as superior as choices from a number of competitors, and client support is not given at any time, the Electronic Embers team is easy to talk to, well-informed, and loyal to nonprofits.


A big hosting corporation with numerous shared hosting selections — counting both Linux and Windows server — initializing at nearly about $7 per month. Lunarpages offers a typical setup with help for all the normally installed applications. More than a few contributors locate the corporation’s sales personnel rather heavy-handed, and at the same time as customer service is dependable, it can be hard for the fewer technically inclined to go after.


A first-class open source hosting service having large customer support as well as a terrific standing for uptime amongst the customers. Pair is a large host for website projects which need scaling in traffic, as their customer support for superior routine hosting is of high superiority. Prices are rather advanced than contestants, starting at approximately $10 per month.

A number of hosting companies at the present utilize solar, wind, or else other kinds of renewable energy to control the power of their operations. Ecosly as well as Thinkhost present extremely reasonable shared hosting plans which can put up most sites.

A small number of vendors present an up-and-coming type of shared hosting, occasionally called grid hosting. The model works a lot like the choices above, but as an alternative of hosting the Web site on a lone server, grid hosting supports your Website along with a dispersed network of servers. As still pretty new, in speculation this model is much unwavering (if a server wears out, there is still more to hold up your site), extra scalable to unexpected surges of traffic, and is able to potentially support numerous programming languages — for example PHP as well as ASP — for the similar site. Our suppliers suggested MediaTemple as a high-quality choice for the grid hosting.

At What Time Is a Shared Host Not the Finest Choice?

A shared host is a characteristic, reasonable way to move ahead. Why would you desire for something more?

Ability of installing every application

The major reason to think over the shared host is the yearning to install the software which is not well-suited to a shared hosting environment. Till the time when an application has been purposely designed to perform in the particular environment — more characteristic of open-source as compared to the commercial applications — you will typically require more entrance to the server that means advancement in your hosting account.


If you have mainly secret data, a shared hosting position is rather more at risk to assail than others, basically because a lot of diverse users are working on the identical server.

Processing Power

If your Web site has a huge volume of traffic (simply, a huge number of visits per day) and is running oddly intricate code, it is probable that you will surpass the storage space along with the processor resource of a shared server.

Conversely, more complicated hosting choices often necessitate more technical facts from your own personnel or consultants so as to direct and bring up to date your Web site. Take care that you know who you will refer to for this technical information, now as well as into the future prior to choose a superior hosting option

Specialty Software Hosting Providers

If you are desperate to make certain a host can hold a scrupulous software package, it is frequently a better idea to begin with that as your main criteria. As there are a lot of specialty Web hosting options to wrap here, it is rather simple to narrow in on dependable ones suitable to your requirements. Start by making contact with the software’s Web site or support panel to observe what hosting providers they suggest. Frequently the content administration systems Web consultants will put up your site may install and perform better over certain Web hosts that provide their services more to the requirements — make sure the dealer or your consultant on the finest options in this situation.

Virtual Private Servers

If a shared server does not propose sufficient power or else flexibility to you, you do not like to pay a number of dollars per month for a devoted server, think using an organized virtual private server. The setup lets you to share server hardware with additional members, but presents you your own, devoted virtual operating system, put up in such a way that functions autonomously of other users’ software.

You can put in whatever thing you’d fond of on your virtual private servers, taking choice chiefly helpful for those who’d want to use more multifaceted applications or framework.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers are the heart of the hosting area. A dedicated server is only yours, and you can organize it and set up whatever thing you like on it.

  • CrystalTech gives either Linux or Microsoft servers, with a great menu of organized services. CrystalTech’s rates initiate at $79 per month, but a lot of significant services are presented as add-ons that can build up rapidly, meaning you should anticipate paying as a minimum $200 per month.
  • Rackspace Extensively recognized in the corporate as well as nonprofit spheres, Rackspace offers dependable managed servers with outstanding support opening at about $350 per month.
  • Hedgehog Hosting An extremely good supplier of managed Web hosting that focuses in big nonprofit Web sites. Presents brilliant, personalized service, but is usually pricier as the other choices listed here.

Moving Forward

How do you finally make a selection? Like a lot of judgments, selecting a Web hosting supplier frequently comes down to financial plan and traits. Start your hunt by making a record of your necessities. What disk space as well as bandwidth do you require? What you think about the programming languages? Do you need phone support, or are you pleased receiving assist via email? If you have a little budget, are you eager to conciliate on customer service? Is it serious that your Web site by no means goes down?

Cautiously inspect the traits listed on the Web sites of the suppliers you are thinking, and call to inquire any extra questions. Keep in mind to deem not merely your present hosting needs, but also your upcoming obligations. And do not fail to remember to ask for indications or talk to associations like your own that are with the host you are allowing.

Importantly, do not put down your Web site in a unstable situation. There are loads of hosting suppliers out there, and steering the choices may appear deterring. But with a bit investigation, you can discover an reasonably priced provider that will help make sure that your Web site is good and working when your contributors and elements approach calling.

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