Sourcingbay GPS306A Tracking Drive: A Simple and Affordable GPS Tracker

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GPS tracking device

Sourcingbay GPS306A Tracking Drive is a tracking device developed by Sourcingbay. This GPS tracking device can be installed in vehicles for monitoring purposes.


This GPS device has numerous features. It works with GPS satellite system and GSM/GPRS network like mobile phones. It comes with its own GPS and GSM antenna that receive signals from network systems to let users know the tracked vehicles’ actual locations.

The lightweight GPS tracker can be installed into the OBDII interface found in cars to start reading its data and help in monitoring. Since its lightweight, it won’t be a problem to use on vehicles and drivers won’t find a burden while driving the car. Also, the tracker is easy to install that even those who are inexperienced in using such devices can install them properly.

What I like about this tracker is it also allows users to receive notifications through mobile phones. Users can inquire the cars’ location through its GPRS connection and text messages. No need to use a computer to locate a vehicle.

Current Online Ratings

Sourcingbay GPS306A Tracking Drive received a rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars in Amazon and gaining reviews from over 240 buyers. Majority of the feedback is positive, coming from over 50 percent of the reviews. They like that its simple to use and is satisfied with its reporting system.


This product is affordable at less than $60, making it one of the budget-friendlier GPS device options in the market. Users can also save money online through discounts and shipping promos.

Overall, Sourcingbay GPS306A Tracking Drive may be a basic tracking device to use, but it offers no-fuss installation process and remote monitoring. I highly recommend this device for novice users and those who wish to save money on their GPS devices. It’s a great investment for enhancing car security and easy recovery later.

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