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 Teaching with Classroom Response Systems

Short Version: Derek Bruff has consolidated two blogs (derekbruff.com and derekbruff.com/teachingwithcrs) into a single blog that is called Agile Learning. Look for new blog posts there, not here, and update your RSS reader accordingly. This domain has been acquired by SuperLogix and will primarily act as a source of tech buying guide providing free and well-researched advice to readers on the best VPN services, Best tech products for various purposes.

Long Version: Derek started blogging back in 2008 with a blog focused on teaching with classroom response systems (“clickers”). He has also just finished writing a book on that subject, and as he wanted to continue exploring the topic. The blog gave him a venue for doing so, one that invited colleagues new and old to share ideas and perspectives.

After two years of blogging about almost nothing but classroom response systems, He found himself wanting to write about different topics, so he set up a separate blog where he could write about other topics that interested me. Over time, He found myself blogging less frequently about classroom response systems, and found managing two separate blogs to be more trouble than it was worth. Moreover, he has been wanting to switch Web hosts for a while now. So he is combining the two blogs into a single blog, Agile Learning, on his new Web host with a new domain name, derekbruff.org.

All his old blog posts have been imported to a new site, including all 219 posts from the “Teaching with Classroom Response System” blog. You’ll also find posts on other kinds of educational technology, visual thinking, student motivation, faculty development, how people learn, social media, and more.

As per Derek: Why the switch from .com to .org? Mostly because it made the Web host switch a lot easier, although I’ll admit I was influenced by the fact that three-quarters of the Digital Campus podcast crew uses .org domains.

What’s not yet on the new blog? Links in old blog posts still point to derekbruff.com. I’ll keep derekbruff.com live for at least a few more weeks, but it will eventually just mirror derekbruff.org. Also, many of the hundred-or-so categories I’ve been using on the clickers blog have been converted to tags, and I haven’t added a tag cloud to the new site yet. And there’s some non-blog content on derekbruff.com that needs to get moved over to the .org site. I’ll work on these tasks as I have time.

For more on the new site, including the reason for the name “Agile Learning” and some comments on its layout, check out the new site’s About page. And if you notice anything wonky about the new site, please let me know.