The 10 Best Free Password Manager Software to Secure Your Passwords

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You must admit that in 2020, you need to remember a series of passwords. Most applications these days require you to have strong and usually long passwords. Keeping strong and hard to solve passwords is indeed necessary for today’s online and digital age. There are many applications and accounts such as emails and social media accounts that you will be using either on your laptop or on your phone that require regular sign-ins.   

What is a Password Manager? 

If you do not want to take all the discomfort that is associated with remembering your passwords, then a password manager might be the best option for you.  

A password manager can remember your important records on your online platforms. It stores your data including passwords in a safe encrypted method and will offer you the details whenever you require them.  This way no other person can read your passwords or access your accounts, and it is a much safer option than writing your passwords in a notebook.  

We will introduce you to the 10 best password managers that you can use on a Windows 10 operating system. Most of these password managers do not require you to pay any money and come in different types.  

The Top 10 Password Manager Software for Windows 10 Are as Follows: 

1. KeePass  

KeePass was first developed in 2014. It is a free and popular open-source easy to use Windows desktop password manager. Although KeePass is best used for Windows OS, it is also available for macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux devices. There is no installation required for KeePass and it has multiple options to create password groups.  

KeePass will keep your usernames and passwords offline on your devices using true end-to-end encryption. It also has browser integration options and multiple cipher options that can be accessed through the plugin. KeePass supports plugins in a way that extends its functionality better than other most password managers. KeePass supports various files in the import and export of important data, in the form of XML, HTML, and CSV files.  KeePass supports frequently used password manager features such as two-factor authentication, form autofill, and a built-in password generator tool.    

Although the user interface of KeePass is quite simple to use, it does not offer as many features as some of its commercial rivals. The syncing of files on KeePass is a very efficient feature but syncing across devices can take more time than usual. This is because of its efficient safety and privacy measures that KeePass takes very seriously. KeePass files are not known to leave the device they were created on.  

You would need to have the basic technical knowledge to use KeePass. The options available from KeePass suggests that it is one of the best password managers that are out there. What more, the features that KeePass offers for no price at all, makes it worth it to have on your laptop and smartphones.  

2. Roboform 

Roboform was first released in 1999 and one of the oldest password managers. It is a high-quality password manager and has a free option. Roboform has one of the best user interfaces among most password managers that are available. Roboform is not only available in Windows 10, but can also be used for macOS, iOS and Android devices.  

Many interesting features are offered by Roboform’s free version. Roboform’s free version offers users to store unlimited passwords in the password vault. It also allows users to automatically fill web forms, integration of folders, password editing, auto-saving, and auto-filling online and other application passwords and offers a secure password sharing option.  

With the secure password sharing option, you can share your login credential safely without worrying about hackers or third parties finding out your password. You can also have offline access to passwords, which is a feature that is not offered in many other password managers. Roboform also has one the best search features, where you can find all your password credentials in a minute. The tool in Roboform also calculates the strength of your password and if the password is sufficient for use.  

The paid version of Roboform naturally provides more features and accessibility such as having cloud sync which is not available in the free version. If you do not want to pay for the additional features, then you can try the free version of Roboform. The high-quality features offered to make Roboform one of the best free password managers. 

3. Sticky Password  

A big name among the password managers is the Sticky Password. The password manager is available for all the main web browsers and supports around 16 browsers globally. Sticky Password can be accessed from Windows 10, macOS, Android, and iOS devices. There is a paid version and a free version available for Sticky Password. The premium version has more features such as cross-device syncing and cloud back up options.  

Sticky Password’s free version includes a good list of features. These are autofill, form filling, two-factor authentication, password management and has biometric fingerprint security features. Sticky Password also stores your payment details in addition to password-related credentials. Sticky Password can also sync data across Wi-Fi devices, which can be an added benefit if you do not have access to the cloud.  

Sticky Password is known for its password generator tool which provides you with a strong and robust password, which you do not need to remember. It also has an option to share passwords securely with trusted parties. The password manager also has a strong end-to-end encryption feature where the encrypted vault also stores credit card numbers supporting one-click payments. You also have the option of having a digital wallet, which is a great feature.  

Sticky Password has a good user-friendly interface, but the paid version is more complex to use than the free version. One of the main disadvantages of Sticky Password is the lack of a multi-user plan and it does not provide as many features as some other password managers such as Dashlane. The free version of Sticky Password is good for an individual basis and will offer the security and privacy needed for your credentials.  

4. LogMeOnce 

LogMeOnce has a decent free version of password management. It has convenient login options and works with Windows, iOS, and Android devices. Even with its free version, LogMeOnce has a lot to offer to users. LogMeOnce has good storage options and if you want more features than the free version has to offer, then you can opt for the professional and family monthly plans. 

LogMeOnce has an interesting range of features with the free version. It has a password strength report, two-factor authentication options, unlimited passwords, and unlimited autofill. The free version also unlimited devices and sync options which many other password managers do not offer in their free version. You can save up to 3 credit cards, 5 secure password sharing, 3 Secure Notes, biometric support, secure password sharing, and digital wallet options. Along with these, you can have an apps beneficiary and you will also get email technical support from their customer service if you have any doubts or queries.  

One of the best things about LogMeOnce is that it includes a one-click functionality to automatically detect and change your weak passwords which are analyzed in the password strength report. This is a great feature to have because many times we create passwords without thinking twice and it is a good way to prevent you from being hacked. LogMeOnce also has the option to convert a USB into a 2FA token and offers emergency access with photos. You can also use the password-less access using Photo Login and Fingerprint.  

Such a range of features is not found in many other password managers for free. If you are looking for one of the best free password managers, then LogMeOnce is an option.  

5. Dashlane 

Another good and well-known password manager is Dashlane. It supports the use of many browsers and is available for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices. With Dashlane you can securely store your passwords on both your smartphones and computers. Similar to other password managers, there is a free and paid version of Dashlane.  

The user interface of Dashlane is known to be one of the best as it is beautifully designed and is also easy to use. Dashlane has a strong security feature with AES-256-bit encryption and it stores all your files locally. The password app can also be used as a digital wallet to store your credit card, debit card details, and bank details.  

Dashlane has interesting features such as a strong password generator tool, Secure Notes feature, tools to help users to fill forms and provide automatic logins, two-factor authentication, importing, and exporting of data, and it also lets you share with trusted friends and family members. An additional feature that is unique to Dashlane is an emergency contact option that prevents forgetting important passwords.  

Dashlane also has a dedicated interface to change multiple passwords without much effort. Dashlane’s free version can store only up to 50 passwords in its vault, and it is limited to only one device. The premium paid version offers storage in any number of devices along with cross-device syncing and cloud-based back up. If you do not want to pay the premium price, then you can have the minimum benefits for free, which is sufficient to keep your credentials safe. 

6. Enpass  

Enpass password manager is a quite decent password manager offering most of the basic services that other password managers also offer. Enpass supports many operating systems including Windows 10, iOS, macOS, Linux, Android, and even Chrome OS. There is a paid and free version of Enpass like most other password managers. 

The unique thing about Enpass is that the free version of the password manager includes a cloud back up, which is a feature you will have to pay for in many other password managers. The passwords are not stored on Enpass servers, rather you will be storing all your passwords locally on your device.  You can also sync your passwords across devices using your secure cloud accounts such as Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, or OneDrive. The free version also offers family support and a good password generator. 

Enpass has good safety features, with SQLCipher AES 256-Encryption. Enpass offers you the option of having an unlimited number of passwords that you can save on your desktop, except for Android devices which has a limit of storing 20 passwords only. Enpass has all the basic features such as auto-fill, data import, password generator, and fingerprint support. Enpass also segregates password vaults for storing personal, work, and family passwords.  You can also import your existing passwords onto Enpass through your desktop applications such as Google Chrome, Excel Spreadsheets, CSV, and other password managers.  

The free version of Enpass is quite impressive given the unique features that it offers. This version should take care of your basic password management needs if you are an individual. If you want to share your password across friends and other devices, then you might want to think of the paid version. 

7. LastPass 

LastPass is a great option for Windows 10. LastPass is very safe and secure to use with a good user interface which is easy to navigate. LastPass is a good option for both beginners and tech-savvy people. It stores all your credentials in one place where you can easily access them whenever you need your passwords and other important information. 

LastPass has some interesting features. LastPass can import information from other web browsers installed on your computer and offers you the option of switching your password manager to another one. It has very secure privacy features as it uses bank-grade AES 256-bit encryption to make sure that all the passwords are stored securely, along with multi-factor authentication options for additional security.  

LastPass also has auto form-filling options, automatic password capture, and a Secure Notes option for storing bank account details and other similar details. It also has a browser extension options which makes it simple to store online passwords while also generating complex passwords for new account logins. 

LastPass also has a paid and free version like the other password managers on this list. The free password manager offered by LastPass is said to be one of the best offered among free versions. LastPass Premium and LastPass Families are also useful depending on your needs and what you require from your password managers.  LastPass offers all the basic features in its free version if you are not interested in paying money for the password manager. 

8. TrueKey 

McAfee’s TrueKey is a popular password manager, with the paid version used by many businesses worldwide. TrueKey supports many devices including Windows 10, macOS, Android, and iOS operating systems. It supports major website browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. TrueKey has a highly user-friendly interface and is a secure password manager.  

TrueKey has a good range of features. It has multiple authentication options, and it has simple sign-in methods that keep your passwords secure and safe. The sign-in is quite simple as you only must type in the master password on a trusted device, and TrueKey remembers your log-in details, doing the rest for you. If you are not on your usual trusted device, TrueKey detects this and sends you a second authentication factor. TrueKey also has one of the best encryptions by protecting your passwords with AES-256 encryption.  

The multifactor authentication options are a great way to keep yourself secure. The downside of the free TrueKey version is that you can only save up to 15 passwords, which is still more than those offered by some other password managers. TrueKey also comes with a password generator and digital wallet options to store your details.  

TrueKey’s free version is a decent password manager if you do not have many passwords to manage. If you want a more high-tech password manager, then the paid versions of TrueKey might be more useful for you. 

9Norton Identity Safe 

Norton Identity Safe or Norton Password Manager as it is known on the website is a secure, simple, and safe password manager. There is no paid version of this management tool, which is one of a kind. It offers most of the basic features a password manager should have and saves all your passwords in the vault. 

The password vault provides one-click logins to store password credentials. Norton Identity Safe supports many browsers and can be accessed on Windows and Mac laptops. The password manager offers users with a password generator tool, which is also available separately. Norton Identity Safe supports the importing and exporting of login credentials but there are some limitations as it only provides access to the .csv file format. It also has safety website features that alert about malicious websites and software.  

The feature also supports an automatic password generator and a complex password generator in case you are finding it difficult to create a password yourself. The password manager also has a safety dashboard that can spot weaknesses in your logins and any password that you already have. You can also easily save these options with Auto change.   

The password vault also keeps all your logins synced across devices. You do not need to generate a password to access the application as it has biometrics such as a Touch ID and Face ID support on both your mobile phone and your laptops. The installation is quite simple, and the user interface is easy to use on Norton Identity Safe.  

10. Keeper 

Keeper is a top-rated and famous password manager. The user interface of Keeper is said to be one of the best among all the password managers. Keeper can be accessed on Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS devices. 

You can add an unlimited number of passwords and payment details on Keeper, which is an added advantage. There is a free and paid version of Keeper, which you can choose depending on your needs. 

Keeper has a desktop and web version, which look identical. Login information can easily be added onto Keeper into a record that can also include photos. It has many extensions for using different website browsers. Keeper also has a built-in password audit tool, that stores and audits all your passwords. The password manager provides good encryption and can also be used for businesses or client data.   

Because Keeper is mostly used for business purposes, which it also advertises, most of its features seem to be paid. One disadvantage is that Keeper does not mention which features are free and which needs to be paid for. Keeper can drastically improve on its free version and the accessibility it provides to individuals, rather than targeting businesses.  


The best free password managers according to us are the top five we have listed above, which are: KeePass, Roboform, Sticky Password, LogMeOnce, and Dashlane. These password managers provide the best free features and will secure your credentials reliably for no cost.  

All the ten password managers offer safety and encryption features which suggest they are reliable. We suggest you use password managers with AES 256-bit Encryption for the best privacy.  

While TrueKey, Enpass, LastPass, and Keeper are also good password managers, they are mostly business-oriented and offer more features on the paid version. They might not be much suitable for individual needs.   

We suggest that you are careful while using these password managers and use them at your discretion. You need to take care of a few things, especially while switching your password managers. You would need to delete all your data if you are switching between password managers.  

We suggest that you do not use built-in password managers such as Chrome built-in password manager. Although it might be tempting to store all your passwords on Chrome, it can expose you to threats by disclosing your passwords to third parties. 

The safest way to store your passwords, whether free or paid, is to use the above 10 password managers we have suggested for you.  

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