The 11 Best Laptop for Medical professionals

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laptops for medical

Having strong power is not the only requirement that the best laptop for medical professionals and health developers should have, apart from possessing the finest processors in your PC, speed and storage are other important factors that health practitioners require in their PC. The reason is that these factors, speed, and storage enhance your ability to complete the tasks fast.

LaptopsImageLaptops NameView On Amazon
#1XPS 13 9300 by Dell

#2MateBook by HUAWEI

#3ThinkPad x1 Extreme by Lenovo

#4Studio Edition RAZER

#5Zenbook Duo Pro by ASUS

Getting trapped in different types of speeds, threads, and cores is easy during the process of purchasing the best laptop for health developers. But, the random access memory is nearly as relevant as the storage that can also be a possible trap. If you are looking for how to pick the best PC, try to select the one that has the quickest memory. To enhance the performance of your laptop’s memory, you need to install external memory hardware called SSD. The best SSD will excellently enhance your activities and ensure you don’t waste time from running and loading tasks you will be executing with the PC.

Certainly, you will desire a PC with a top keyboard feature, because you need to avoid time-wasting when executing your job, and a keyboard that drags and responds slowly will waste your time. Also, if you can afford to spend extra money, buy a laptop with excellent resolution that will not harm your eyes.

Although what we have mentioned might sound like a big deal and too much stuff to check, we can help you. In this review, we have painstakingly selected some ideal PCs you can use for your hospital projects. This will ensure that the time use in product searching is reduced, and this will give you enough to focus on your business. But, before we kick off to list the best 11 pc for medical professionals, below are some important information that will help you.

How to identify the top OS for doctors:

There are many OS around, you already know that. But you probably don’t know that many of them are not ideal for doctors and nurses. Medical Coding and developing require a dedicated OS; this is regularly utilized by doctors and it is macOS by Apple. There is also one from MS Windows. Nevertheless, the generally favored OS is Microsoft windows. The reason is that MS Windows is inexpensive and supports multiple coding and programming languages like JavaScript, and others. The fact that MS Windows is mostly preferred does not mean macOS is useless or not as utilized like Windows 10 by Microsoft in the medical field, the only snag is that it’s not cost-friendly; hence not everyone can afford it.

If you desire to utilize macOS for your project, you need to purchase a macOS compliant laptop. In using macOS, there is a special thing about it that other operating systems lack, which is a feature called the Xcode. The Xcode is needed by Objective-C and Swift. If you also have Rails, Ruby, Python, and PHP skills, the best alternative for you are Linux. But the overall preference is Mac for doctors using Apple. However, all programmers and developers for health applications, the best OS for them are Ms windows-Ten as they possess very quick support.

Getting the perfect processor:

The processor is a vital requirement for super performance on any laptop. Like people and living beings, computers possess a brain, and it is called the processor. The strength of the brain of a computer differs. One system can possess more brainpower or processor power than the other computer. Without a doubt, a sturdy processor is what all medical professionals and health programmers needs. The ideal system for implementing medical coding tasks is from the processor that is capable of operating executing tasks speedily and easily.

If you are working under a strict budget, and you are a beginner doctor or nurse and health programming, we advise you to pick the corei3 Intel processor or something that is a bit more advance. A system produced with at least core i5 Intel is okay and will accomplish the project excellently. If you are a programmer for developing health-related applications in the graphics field, or maybe you are a medical application developer of games for doctors or other very powerful and complicated programs, getting the funds to invest in a core i7 or Hexa-core should be your target.

Identifying the ideal RAM for website development for medical practitioners:

Working on a website is within the ambit of a medical developer. They are responsible for creating the unseen coding and programming that goes into building a website for doctors and any medical practitioner. So, they need to have the best kind of PC for their work because it requires heavy coding. Sometimes, coders might wish to operate more than one code at the same time, if this is you, you require a PC that has a good amount of memory like a high RAM.

You don’t have to invest all your money on PC, this is not the idea of this write-up, we are simply saying that having a good RAM will enhance your job of operating compilers, run coding modifier, local serves, and web browsers perfectly, a good RAM is essential. So, the best one for you and how you can identify is to go for one with eight-gigabyte, Recall that there are extra stronger coding and programming, In which case, you would need twelve-Gigabyte to sixteen-gigabyte RAM.

Knowing the ideal memory drive:

There are two drives in a computer, which is the SSD or solid-state drive and the hard drive (HDD). The difference between the two is that the SSD is faster and usually seen in

top-end PC, while the HDD is not as fast and is usually seen in less expensive laptops. What does this mean? It means that as a medical application developer, you should go for the PC with SSD that loads faster than the HDD. The choice of PC to utilize largely depends on your workload and your interest inefficiency. If you are a developer searching for a PC that can upload previously-stored tasks fast, and at the same time bring down the system booting considerably well, the SSD PC is ideal for you.

Be mindful of the fact that the allocated space for the two drives also varies. For instance, the SSD comes with reduced room space that is as low as 256GB, while the HDD required larger room storage that is as large as 1TB. Picking the ideal one you that is best for you is quite easy. If your objective is large storage with reasonable speed or less, then HDD is for you, go for it. On the other hand, should your interest be for extra storage with ultra-speed, SSD is your best choice.

The best graphics for laptops

The coffee lake and the Kaby Lake have incorporated graphics for Intel CPU and are capable of operating on many programs conveniently. But, if you are a PC game addict and do a lot of projects that involve graphics, you would need to target more ideal graphics. The best graphics for you is the two-gigabyte for heavy graphics and loading operations.

There are other relevant things that you are supposed to think about while searching for the best laptop and hey are discussed below.

Display: Extended sessions of working and browsing can stress your eyes, but if you use a good display, it will make a huge difference. An excellent display like IPS can assist to bring down eye strain.

The keyboard:

This is another pertinent accessory required to make your coding easy and convenient for you. A good keyboard must be simple to utilize, better yet, it must accompany a backlit add plus a modest key for traveling.

The design:

The PC must have a solid and compact build to aid movement and usage.

Life of the battery:

The battery of a computer must have the capacity to run for a long time after a single charge; and six hours is the average time batteries should stay on. Is a strong laptop needed for any health-related operations including medical programming?

Health jobs require a powerful PC that is fast and capable of quickening development tasks and operates without freezing or lagging, hence boosting output.

The type of laptop doctors and nurses use:

Health practitioner needs a unique type of PC, laptops uniquely produced and furnished with sufficient hardware, processing ability, and battery life that is isn’t easily found in regular devices. They utilize laptops that have a minimum SSD of 256-gigabyte and RAM OF eight-gigabyte with a run-time battery of six hours, modest GPU, and processor of core i5. These requirements are rudimentary, the best option is to buy a system that has a lot of incredulous features; that is if you have the money. A laptop with advanced

features will assist in finishing your projects on-time and also get you ready for upcoming challenges and increase your level of productivity.

The best processor

The best processor will enhance one of the critical things required in a medical project, which is speed. This is the reason systems with i5 or i7 core up to i9 core are perfect because you will work faster and finish compilation work easily in record time if you are handling a large task.

MacBook for web development for a medical professional’s website:

Using Macbook for creating iOS and macOS programming is good because it possesses all basic programming and coding details and is able to operate Windows via virtual device or Bootcamp. Also, MacBook can be utilized to write programs or create applications for whatever platforms.

Medical Programming and developing isn’t just all about using algorithms and flowcharts, you must manage the hardware too. If you are able to provide answers to different problems by writing codes, utilizing a good laptop, including the processing strength and hardware created for the purpose is a critical problem-solving habit. So, a health application developer has a critical problem-solving nature and with the right laptop, you will enjoy your work better and always be at the apex of your game.

So far we have been able to divulge basic info about laptops and by now you should know how to identify the best system for your work.

Without further ado, we will move to the next session, which is reviewing the different Dell laptops perfect for health software developers.

Best laptops for medical professional:

1. XPS 13 9300 by Dell

XPS 13 9300 by Dell
XPS 13 9300 by Dell
Editors Rating:

XPS 13 9300 from DELL is the first on our list for the best dell laptop for health practitioners. This is an excellent option for medical experts and the reason is that it has incredible portability, performance, and worth every fund you spend on it. Apart from the funds, the product showcases everything you ever desire in a laptop as a coder and a programmer. There are many excellent features in this laptop, the principal ones are the i7 quad-core processor Intel eight-generation, sixteen-gigabyte Ram, and the SSD 512GB. Actually, the attributes we just listed can operate many applications without the system crashing experience.

In the process of building a top-value system, DELL handled the ergonomics of the whole setting. Therefore, the little size of this product and the upcoming 13-inches smaller display won’t trouble your eyes. Instead, the Gorilla four glass display and the super-slim Bezel is there to make using it for long hours a comfortable experience.

The PC works with Thunderbolt 3, which easily makes you link to USB-C slots apart next to power the system. The product is accompanied by sixteen-gigabyte RAM, 1TB SSD, i7-740Qm core 3.8 GHz processors for quicker functioning, and programming effectiveness. So, it does not matter if your job is creating games, or any medical technology experts, this product will give you performance, power, and style.


  • It has 4k monitor
  • Excellent performance
  • Bezel is in its minimum
  • Connectivity is extensive


  • A bit pricey
  • Graphics are not dedicated

2. MateBook by HUAWEI

MateBook by HUAWEI
MateBook by HUAWEI
Editors Rating:

This Chinese giant organization has proven that its expertise does not only lie in producing Smartphones but making an innovative system. Their innovative prowess is showcased in this laptop model, Huawei MateBook 13. It is a budget-friendly system having ultra-smooth build and excellent performance.

The model possesses top-end features and specs like core i5 8265U Intel eight-generation processor and eight-gigabyte Ram. However, the incorporated shark fin build 2.0 calming answer, which assists to prevent system heating during and after extended usage. As a medical programmer and a coder, surely you wouldn’t expect your PC to become hot in the middle of a project. The cooling features make your laptop resistant to heat.

Also, the touchscreen of thirteen inches offers resistance to coating by fingerprint; this makes your system free of smudge. The product looks imposing with a super-slim build, 2.86 lightweight sizes, and little size.

In addition, the PC for medical individuals offers a fast pocket charger, which enhances the PC battery life to 2.5 hours in 15 minutes. Hence, it is possible to keep operating while in motion and not bother to abut battery power drainage.

The MacBook professional 16 is your ideal for Apple diehard fans. Also, they started this item right after thinking through it and incorporating their user’s feedback on their product. Therefore, this PC is updated taking care of their request for avid users. It sustains suave and slim design and has a sixteen-inch Retina showcase using True Tone innovation for ideal outcome in two ways. One of the ways is the 16-inch retinal exhibit with a display called True Tone for ideal outcomes and your eye convenience.

Regarding specification, it is presented in two ways, ones the storage of 512GB with i7 Intel core, and the second one is the 1TB with i9 core. The i9 core is very expensive, more than the i7 core, the effectiveness and performance can be judged by the benefits it provides.

Irrespective of the specifications of this laptop model, the producers have also handled the weight of the PC. They have made it portable, easy to carry around. With the weight of 4.3Ibs, you will not subject your shoulder to stress and aches because the laptop is light.

The laptop model also provides every benefit of a microphone jack, Webcam FaceTime HD, Thunderbolt 3 with USB-C ports, Bluetooth, and TouchID. Considering all the benefits from this laptop feature and specs, health developers can have a field day using it to complete their entire task without stress.

If you think that the system will be expensive because it is packed with so much goodness, well you will be surprised to know that it is not. It is actually affordable. This is one device that you can enjoy both worlds of quality and affordability. The display is Retina and it comes with True Tone plus 256GB storage. And eight-gigabyte Ram, plus i3 Intel tenth-generation processor. The product is as good as any costly system.

It has a suave and very thin build. The body s sturdy and offers two ports Thunderbolt USD-C. It provides an amazing experience with an 11 hours battery life-giving the opportunity to work all day long with just one charge.


  • It has two Thunderbolt USD-C port
  • It is not expensive
  • The battery life is 11 hours, which is sufficient for any professionals
  • The design is trendy


  • The processor is a standard i3, not really impressive, but can still get the job done.

3. ThinkPad x1 Extreme by Lenovo

ThinkPad  by Lenovo
ThinkPad by Lenovo
Editors Rating:

This Lenovo laptop model has a glossy display, speedy processors, with i5-9300H Intel core processor, 16GB Ram with 512GB storage with PCIe-NVme SSD, and a display of 15.6 inches FHD.

The above features are just a few of the many incredible features and specs this product has for you. If you have the money, and you desire the best dell laptop for medical professionals this laptop should be your target.

This is what a premium product stands for; it has the entire makeup of a premium product, and should worth premium price, right? Well, you will be surprised to know that the cost is relatively in the industrial standard for a premium product. S, if you need a powerhouse for your entire medical project; do consider buying this monster of all goodness. With its 16GB RAM plus SSD storage of 512GB; you can never go wrong in your programming projects.

What is more, the Ram is upgradeable, because it has void slots that permit you to modify the capacity as you desire. Also, this system possesses an amazing battery life that can go on for eight hours from a single charge.

The display is also incredible at a no bezel style with a 14-inch, display. Add to this, the display can be increased because it accepts multiple screens. This is perfect if you have to execute different projects simultaneously. It comes with a forget-me-not super-thing body which adds to the desirability of the products.

This Lenovo product is complete and hence sufficient for any developer, it is simply any medical dream come through. The features are classy and non-heavy build, attractive screen, a convenient keyboard that has RAM of 16GB, SSD f 512GB, and a pleasant graphics Intel UHD card. The battery provides a whopping 11 hours of continuous power, and performance is off the hook.


  • The design is suave and trendy
  • Battery life is excellent
  • Internal and external storage is outstanding
  • Speed is superb
  • The premium laptop gives premium services


  • Can heat up fast

4. Studio Edition RAZER:

Razor Blade 4KTouch
Studio Edition RAZER
Studio Edition RAZER
Editors Rating:

The laptop is from the stable of Razer, who everyone knows as a gaming giant. The product is very expensive and it is not surprising because the features and specs make it so – they are simply out of this world. The laptop s packed with so much juice that you will be totally stupid to pass it up, especially if you can afford to buy it.

The laptop is worth every bit of its price tag. It is an off-shoot of the Blade 15 and it offers nothing but excellence for doctors seeking the best laptop for their projects. The company went out of their way to make this product shine and usurp many top brands. They load creative prowess in this incredibly thin design of 0.7-inch made from aluminum.

Inside this smooth cover, there is first-class hardware like 1TB SSD and thirty-two gigabyte Ram that is expandable and incredible hexa-core i7 Intel core processor. The display screen has LED touch 4k plus stylish calibration casing DCI-P3 100% room plus 1ms reaction. What is more, the Quadro RTX 5000 NVIDIA graphics incorporation allows the device to provide desktop-like functioning. Besides the fact that it is excellent for nurses, it also provides incomparable gaming pleasure and experience.

There is a lot of incredible goodness on the laptop and it is a must for you if you have the funds to invest in it. The battery can go on for 6 hours on a single charge. This laptop has a tremendous power level, and a battery life of hours is simply crazy. But if you handle projects that require ultra-power usage, your experience with the keyboard might be a bit discomforting.


  • Speed is excellent
  • The processor is super fast
  • Battery life is ideal for a powerhouse laptop
  • Excellent for gaming too
  • It is reliable


  • It is very expensive

5. Zenbook Duo Pro by ASUS

Zenbook Duo Pro by ASUS
Zenbook Duo Pro by ASUS
Editors Rating:

This is excellent for creating web development and designs for health professionals in the health sector. Health website developers will surely love this laptop, read on to find out why.

Generally, developers for health applications offering website solutions are often involved in graphic creations. If this is the case for you, this laptop is custom made to match your interest and help you with your work. The real thrilling feature of this system is the ScreenPad Plus, which is main-screen interactive. Add to this, there s the Stylus that comes with it and provides accurate touch pleasure.

This infers that you will enjoy an additional monitor room to keep your working instruments during code writing. Also, the 4K matte and fourteen-inch monitor can aid photographers, designers, and editors of videos in handling their monitor instruments while working. What this incredible laptop offer does not stop here, it also embeds high-quality premium hardware and specs. The specifications are processor i7-9750H 9th generation quad-core, PCI-E 1TB, sixteen-gigabyte, and Geforce RTX 2060 NVIDIA. The Geforce RTX 2060 NVIDIA makes sure fantastic graphics is executing with not incidence.

All the fantastic features in this product mean that you never have to bother about its performance and operations.


  • Excellent for health web developers
  • High storage capacity
  • Speed is ultimate
  • Battery life is excellent
  • A stylus that provides excellent touch pleasure


  • A bit pricey

6. Envy 13 by HP

Envy 13 by HP
Envy 13 by HP
Editors Rating:

This is another excellent laptop for medical developers and programmers. If you are searching for an average system, here is one for you. It is perfect for medical students learning coding and programming. It comes with an incredibly good design and will surely make your colleague envy you.

The first impression you will have of this laptop is that of incredulity because the producers did a good job on the body. The sleek design is simply unique, a perfect blend of sensible in a twisted fashion. The design is not too classy or artsy, it meets somewhere in the middle of artistic and old fashion design. Within the cover f the device, you will find incredible hardware like the impressive processor having i7 with ten-generation core, a Ram of 8GB, and an SSD of 256GB.

Add to this hardware, you will also get a top-end 13.3 touchscreen diagonal complete HD full-screen display plus CGG (Corning Gorilla Glass). Therefore, you can enjoy your favorite movies, work, and play games if you so desire for a long time and your eye won’t even fill the stress.

The ergonomics of medical programmers and developers are handled because it has big keys plus a wide trackpad. If you have security as a major concern for buying a laptop, this laptop has signed in add-on; a protective biometric log-in feature that utilizes an enclosed fingerprint scanner.


  • It has a fingerprint reader for added security
  • It has an ergonomic design
  • The display is top-notch
  • Speed and storage is simply fantastic\
  • The processor is incredible and high


  • It is not Thunderbolt friendly

7. VivoBook Pro by ASUS

VivoBook Pro by ASUS
VivoBook Pro by ASUS
Editors Rating:

Fr the second tie we are reviewing a second product fro ASUS, and it is for people searching for a portable laptop for developers of health applications and coding. This product has incredible features fro the previous ASUS laptop we reviewed earlier, but the difference is less expensive. If having an extra monitor is not your thing, then grab this product.

There are many impressive features on this laptop, and we shall mention as many as we can. First n the list is the processor. The processor is i7 with eighth-generation Intel core, followed by the graphic card which is GeForce GTX 1050 NVIDIA, and then we have the SDD which is 256GB M.2, and a Ram of 16GB. Not to forget that it also have HDD 1TB storage, which is two storage type guys in one laptop (SSD and HDD), incredible isn’t it?

Add to the above impressive features, there is the big 17.3 display to wow users; this infers that the system will serve you and satisfy you beyond all reasonable doubt and it does not matter what you use it for – programming or graphics, video editing, etc., you will surely enjoy this laptop.

What is more, the laptop will not heat, so don’t worry about that; g ahead use it for executing different tasks it will not heat up and that is kudos to separate cooling settings.

Apart from the entire additions of this system, it additionally supports old and current hardware; and this is because it has multiple ports and they are Type-A USD 3, USB2.0, USB-C, and HDMI. There is A dc jack, audio jack, and RJ-45 Jack LAN.


  • It is lightweight
  • It offers super portability and performance
  • The battery life is long
  • It is affordable
  • Storage is excellent
  • The processor is incredible and fast


  • No support for Thunderbolt

8. Pixelbook by Google

Pixelbook by Google
Pixelbook by Google
Editors Rating:

The Pixelbook is the only system among the entire Chromebooks that is ideal for doctors and used for programming. As with all its competitors, this product showcases incredible designs with high-class features for optimum functioning.

It has a thing design with a very lightweight. Also, it gives wonderful ergonomics modification. For instance, it is easy to turn the monitor around and build an upside-down “v” form to utilize a standing exhibit. Alternatively, you can decide to turn it into a complete circle of 360 degrees to develop a slate and utilize the formation as a tablet. Because it is not weighty, there will be no problem if you use it as a tablet or standing display.

Next to the design features is the hardware attributes that are simply amazing. The hardware includes a hard disk of 128GB, RAm of 8GB, and a powerful long-lasting battery of ten whopping hours per sole charge. Also, if you hate disturbance when you work, the battery charges for 15 minutes, and that is fast, providing an additional 2 hours work for you.

With the in-built Google support, it further makes your experience with this system a delight.


  • It is lightweight
  • Performance is above par
  • Battery life is long
  • Works very fast and storage is outstanding


  • Unrefined software

9. Pro 7 Microsoft Surface

Pro 7 Microsoft Surface
Pro 7 Microsoft Surface
Editors Rating:

If you are a website developer for medical experts and require an extra movable laptop that is furnished with necessary coding power and touch screen, this laptop is for you.

It comes with a heavy Ram F 16GB, i7-7660U core processor, and SSD 1TB. This hardware is what makes your work turn out great and easy. It is reliable, not surprising because the producers, Microsoft are synonymous with excellence – it is natural you get excellence all the way from this product. It is created to house tons of files and manage strong coding projects. It provides 7.5 hours of battery life and weighs 1.7 pounds making it ideal for traveling or moving around anywhere.


  • It is ideal for web design and development for doctors
  • It has a docking post, USB -A, USB-C plus others
  • The design is unique
  • Long battery life
  • The processor and storage is excellent


  • A bit expensive but worth buying

10. XPS 15 by Dell

XPS 15 by Dell
XPS 15 by Dell
Editors Rating:

This is a fast performing and stunning design. Although this laptop is good for developers, manageably so; their flagship PC is almost as ideal as it can get. It houses many loaded features inside light and slim bulk that looks stunning and easy to take from place-to-place.

It has an incredible display of 15.6 inches that appears in a high-resolution range. This makes it an ideal option for graphic makers looking for a new system. It possesses a very interesting and powerful component for mobile around and it includes discrete graphics cards, and this infers that it can be stock codes very fast, and this is what makes it perfect for health programmers. The graphics processing unit, GPU can assist any health game developers too.

The finest attribute of this product is the excellent battery life; this allows you to work all day long and get your project executed and completed fast. Perhaps best of all, its battery

life is excellent, which means you don’t have to be tethered to a desk if you want to use this powerful laptop.


  • It is best for medical personnel
  • It has a good processor and storage
  • Extended battery life
  • Performance is amazing


  • It is expensive

11. Dell Inspiron 14 5000

Dell Inspiron 14 5000
Dell Inspiron 14 5000
Editors Rating:

This is another excellent all-round system for medical professionals. In this system, you have 3 main things to target if you are looking for a wonderful and current system. The three features are the processor quad-core, complete HD IPS 1920×1080 display, and fast SSD storage. Apart from the 3 hardware, you can easily get obsessed with unnecessary elements when a laptop is the subject of discussion. Fortunately, a lot of medical projects do not require anything really flamboyant.

This product ensures excellent operating performance and incredible deice for all projects that require a computer including programming, medicals, etc. With this product, you can get a top-resolution the exhibit, eight-gigabyte memory, i5 Intel core processor, and SSD of 256GB. Add to this is a smooth design and not so expensive price. The storage can beexpanded to 1TB and the processor to core i7.


  • Affordable price
  • Storage and processor is excellent
  • Processors can be extended from i5 core to i7 core
  • Storage can be extended to 1TB
  • Ideal for doctors


  • Battery life is standard
  • Selecting the best laptop for medical professionals:

In the end, selecting the ideal laptop for medical professionals relies on your budget and how you wish to utilize the laptop. Apart fro your routine medial usage, you can decide to use it for other interests like games, or even try some programming work with it too. The

lists in this review have a different selection for budget-friendly product seekers and expensive laptops too but note that it is not exhaustive. If your interest is something cheaper, consider going for cheaper laptops that are sold for under $500 or so.

After you have selected your preferred medical laptop for your work, next is to install medical software and add on to get your job running. If you love gaming, this laptop can serve both worlds – medical, Games, and more.

Hopefully, we hope you love the products listed on this page, go ahead and start making a decision you won’t regret it. These products are not only ideal for medical experts, anyone that is involved in any time-sensitive occupation can also use these laptops. In fact, it works for anyone. Before buying any laptop, know exactly what you want, avoid making blind purchases because it will only get you into trouble. The guide in this book will help anyone whether experts or beginners in locating the perfect medical laptop for their work. So, what are you waiting for? Start shopping already.

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