The 5 Best Dell Laptop for Developers 2020

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Programmers and developers all over the world depend on an advanced laptop or generally, computer systems to execute their projects like programming and coding. Are you a website developer using language codes like PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Python, etc., or you develop applications and software? Or are you a student learning how to become a developer? You need a good-quality computer device for your job.

Because of the nature of their jobs, developers require a special kind of PCs, which must be compliant in terms of speed, storage, display, and other features. The reason is that coding and programming usually require large files, data, speed, and so on. Therefore, a developer searching for a PC must look for certain features in a laptop, if not; they will end up with the wrong system.

LaptopsImageLaptops NameView On Amazon
#1 XPS 15 by DELL

#2XPS 13 9370 from Dell

#3Alienware m15 from Dell

#4XPS 13 2 in 1 7390

#5Precision 15 by Dell

A strong processor is one of the major things a developer must look out for in a laptop. It is what determines the performance of a laptop. Compiling codes rely heavily on the CPU of a system; therefore, it is vital to target PCs that have a strong and speedy processor. The processor is not the only feature that a developer-compliant computer must have; the RAM is one of them. RAM or random access memory is the major determining factor when buying a PC for developing and coding. A good quantity of RAM matched with top-level storage setting can permit you to look through overflow piles while creating codes in your most-liked IDE.

The keyboard relevance in daily computer activities (not only programming) is mostly overlooked. The fact is, it makes a significant difference in coding and mustn’t be ignored. As a developer, typing is essential because you will need to do that a lot, and for an extended period. Therefore, it is significant to get a keyboard featuring impressive travel and comfort.

The keyboard should be considered with a strong display that has a significant resolution, which must not stress your eyes during your work. So, it goes without saying that there is a lot of job waiting for you in your search, but we gat your back. We can help you by listing and evaluating different best dell laptops for developers.

But before we go right into it, we shall provide important info you will need in your search for the best dell laptops.

Why Dell Laptops?

First off, we shall start by saying that Dell PC is among the best laptop for developers. We consider it one of the best because it is portable, affordable, and well designed. They also come with excellent hardware and features perfect for coding. It is one brand of laptops that easily balances performance and price and at the same time throws in attractive designs into the equation.

This makes DELL among the finest quality in the market, even though some are quite expensive.

Recently, the apex laptop producer, DELL, hit a milestone of creating robust portables that are pocket-friendly, still strong, and stunning. The ideal Dell systems are a formidable rival to Apple and are giving a good run for fame, position, and money with their innovative designs, and a combination of durability and power in their products.

What to look out for when checking if your laptop is ideal for programming

In this section, we will pinpoint interesting features for an ideal laptop for developers to help you make the right decision.

The hard drive:

The best storage capacity you need for a hard drive is a minimum of 256GB SSD. A professional developer can do better than getting a minimum SSD PC. So, if you have been in the coding biz for long, try targeting the higher SSD capacity like a 1TB drive because the speed of your laptop is very essential for the success of your work. You need the laptop to load fast when testing and compiling very large projects. Alternatively, if you would rather spend less money you can buy a less hard drive and augment it with an external drive.

Amazingly, you can operate a virtual device using an exterior drive. The bad part of this plan is that you will need constant to connect and disconnect the external drive; this is frustrating and boring. If necessary, you can choose a smaller or bigger HDD, after that choose the initial alternative. The solid-state drive or SSD is faster and it can be later be increased with an exterior drive.

The Random Access memory

The basic RAM for a developer’s laptop is a minimum of 4GB to 8GB. It should come in-built or pre-loaded. If you usually handle heavy coding tasks, a Ram of 16GB to 32GB is ideal, and ensure that it is can last for two to three years. If you are an engineer specialized in software, a laptop with 6GB RAM minimum should work for you. Under normal situation will all thins being equal, a RAM of 16GB plus is best. Although 16GB RAM will cost more, it will come handy during software development.

Do you need to choose between a smaller SSD storage and a large RAM? Choose the option of a bigger Ram because you can augment the hard drive with an external SSD or HDD storage using USB. In the case of Ram, it won’t be easy to increase it in most situations because expandable laptops are scarce, and the ones available are pricey.

Processors (CPU)

The collection speed is just about the only thing saved with processing energy. If on the other hand, you have a big project, get a device that strongly manages your goal as great as anticipated. Systems with many cores like i7 to i9 processors are ideal for a developer. Always go for more Ram than faster CPU.

Power up:

Adding or increasing hardware power is very common in computer usage. Cases that require adding or replacing hardware is common, but unfortunately, many laptops don’t permit this power-up indulgence, e.g., MacBook, Apple, etc. Some computers don’t allow adding extra power to a system because it is very hard and almost impossible to execute, for example, to add or replace a RAM or hard drive. Also, they are pricey to fix without their warranty.

The size of the screen:

Regarding the laptop screen, you can start with 13.3 inches monitor; and the bigger the screen, the better. A 14 to 16 inches screen is good for developers, but a 17 inches screen is excellent because the weight and the size are relevant. A screen with the top resolution is ideal because a large screen is required to operate a code, operate virtual devices, and documentation reading.

The screen quality:

The FN base innovation is strenuous as color receives modification when the angle is altered and the screen is seen. Pick MacBook, Retina, or IPS technology when it is needed.


Another important best feature required in an ideal dell for programmers is a keyboard. It is strongly recommended to grab the opportunity to check a laptop’s keyboard when looking up a new PC. Before you order through the internet, go to a local PC deal store and try out the keyboard of the PC you want to order online

Additionally, pick the English (US) layout when needed. The reason is that it is simpler to work on using some commonly utilized shortcuts.

5 Best dell laptops for developers

1. XPS 15 by DELL

XPS 15 by DELL
XPS 15 by DELL
Editors Rating:

This product’s design was smartly built and generally possesses all the important stuff developers required in all computers. It is just an interesting PC as far as portability and performance go. It comes with bigger SSD 1TB storage and RAM of 16GB; with this, a big coding storehouse can be created effectively.

The functioning for all I/O action is expanded by SSD particularly contrasted to PCs that utilize an HDD. Next to the PC functioning, this product comes up very fast. The ideal programming PC file and program scripts that must write and read to disk process quicker and the scripts can compile faster on SSD than on HDD.

The product has a seventh (7th) generation quad-core processor i7-7700HQ Intel Kaby Lake. With the assistance of this processor, the system is simply ideal for cybersecurity researchers and blockchain developers.

It is dependable, efficient, and robust for every virtual device. It possesses excellent battery life which makes working on multiple tasks easy. This system includes all the finest attributes found in a premium laptop and we recommend it for blockchain developers, gaming coders, security researches, or anyone that desires to code using Java and Swift.


  • Excellent speed and storage
  • Perfect for blockchain developers, and people that execute projects that require super-powerhouse machines
  • Battery life is good


  • It is expensive

2. XPS 13 9370 from Dell

XPS 13 9370 from Dell
XPS 13 9370 from Dell
Editors Rating:

This laptop’s design is flashy and significantly contains every primary part that developers and programmers need and wants a laptop for, which is coding and programming of course. When it comes to portability and appearance, the product is simply magnificent, and it is indeed the best Dell laptop for developers.

It has an excellent display of 3840 x 2160 13.3 that offers provides a sharp view of their graphics and code, without affecting the system’s portability. The SSD is PCIe 512GB, with this storage, developers can leave all their tasks in their system and not bother if the laptop performance will reduce. The product is perfect for developers and programmers that require portability and computer strength. So, this system can be a perfect choice for embedded developers, desktop developers, and security developers.

It comes with a 2133mHZ Ram 16gb LPDDR3, GPU 620 Intel UHD Graphics, CPU i7-8550U 4GHz Intel core. These features offer the entire rendering and computing intensity required for non-heavy rendering projects.


  • Excellent storage and processor
  • It is portable and ideal for embedded developers, desktop developers, and security developers
  • Battery life is excellent


  • A bit expensive

3. Alienware m15 from Dell

Alienware m15 from Dell
Alienware m15 from Dell
Editors Rating:

This laptop is among the strong systems that are perfect for data engineers. It is created to excellently rendering extraordinary graphic performance and a strong processor. This will make you work longer and effectively. It has a sturdy CPU and the Intel core processors are very advance.

This device is established the best around. It has the best internal features perfect for gaming and excellent for developers. It is affordable. If you don’t have enough funds to buy select other expensive laptop options fro Dell, this laptop is the perfect solution for you. It is the 10th generation i3-105gI Intel core CPU, with RA of 4GB ddr4, and SSD of 128GB. The display is 15.6 inches plus a resolution of 1366 x 768.

The bottom-line of this product is, it is affordable and perfect for a light programming project.


  • The build s strong
  • Value s excellent
  • Excellent battery life
  • Pocket-friendly will save you money


  • Slow performance

4. XPS 13 2 in 1 7390

XPS 13 2 in 1 7390
XPS 13 2 in 1 7390
Editors Rating:

This Dells brand is a unique system because its the 10th generation Intel processor. It is an amazing stunning PC which converts what makes XP3 13 good to extraordinary-excellent. IT comes with a powerful display of 16.10, beautiful display, convenient maglev keyboard, elegant design, and powerful battery run-time that you can work on throughout the day.

The only slight disadvantage in this product is that competitors have been able to create an updated PC that rivals what the producers f this brand accomplished with present XPS 13 generation laptops. But even with that, Dell still managed to load n extra performance into the solid framework, and the outcome places this version among the finest convertible PC in the market today.


  • The anti-glower display complete HDR is simply dazzling
  • The audio is excellent
  • Perfect for programming and coding
  • Good 8 hours battery life
  • Powerful and finest convertible


  • Irritating coil humming issues
  • Absent of pen
  • Contentious maglev keyboard

5. Precision 15 by Dell

Precision 15 by Dell
Precision 15 by Dell
Editors Rating:

The XPS 15 and precision 5530 look alike; you will have a difficult time differentiating them if they are placed together. It has a smooth framework, with display 4k touch, easy to handle keyboard, and an accurate touchpad. These features are similar in the XPS and precision 5530 version, but the difference can only be spotted when you dive within the system.

It has an i9-9880H Intel core plus a clock velocity of 2.30GHz, with Ram of 32GB f DDR4 and Quadro T2000 GPU NVIDIA plus VRAM GDDR5. With these specs, it is obvious that the laptop’s performance is top-notch. This laptop version is recognized for its powerhouse features perfect for developers, workstation ventures, and designers.

This laptop does not have many setbacks, except for the price which is higher if it is upgraded with strong specs. The webcam is positioned underneath the display and on the keyboard.


  • Fantastic performance
  • The display feature s elegant
  • The build and design is compact
  • Excellent value


  • It is not pocket-friendly

The top Dell’s PC option is the XPS 13 9300. The laptop is simply attractive and possesses sufficient performing features, but it is somewhat expensive and worth the price. It is excellent fr all professionals in different work spheres, the developers for one has a winner in Dell XPS PC.

Dell is among the foremost producers of laptops in the industry because they have systems for everybody and professions too.

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