How to Set up Trakt on Exodus Redux Kodi Addon

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If you have been reading our articles recently, you might already know that we are writing a lot about top add-ons for Kodi. We have also written about exodus add-on and its redux fork. Exodus redux is one of the best add-ons for Kodi which offers top quality video content. It uses a service called to bring the best content to you. Today, we are going to show you how to install and set up trakt on exodus redux Kodi addon.

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What is Trakt?

Those who don’t know about service, let us tell you that it is a free service that let’s you organize your favorite shows and movies and opening a account is free. The two important features that it offers is the collection and lists. The collection option lets you see all your collected content in one place and further filter and sort the order of contents. The lists option lets you access your custom watch lists to view shows later. You get options of adding the show to collection or lists as you browse through them. If you want to permanently store the list of shows then use a collection or custom list option else use the watchlist option if you want to remove the title from the list once watched.

How to Set up Trakt On Exodus Redux Addon

Now that you have enough information to go ahead, let us see how to configure trakt account on exodus redux. We are assuming that you have already installed Kodi. However, if Exodus redux is not installed on Kodi, then install it first from this guide or if it is already installed on Kodi, then move to further steps as below.

  • Launch Kodi first.
  • From the side left menu, click on add-ons option and go to the screen of add-ons library.
  • Locate the exodus redux add-on and then launch it.
  • There will be various options visible once the exodus add-on is launched. They include Movies, TV shows, My Lists, Latest Movies, Latest Episodes, Tools, etc. Select Tools option as seen below.

              Trakt on Exodus Redux kodi

  • On the next screen, you will see various options like, ‘SETTINGS: General’, ‘SETTINGS: Accounts’, ‘SETTINGS: Playback’, ‘SETTINGS: Subtitles’, ‘SETTINGS: Providers’, ‘EXODUS: Downloads’, ‘EXODUS: Viewtypes’, etc. Click on ‘SETTINGS: Accounts’ option as seen below.

             Trakt Exodus Redux kodi addon

  • You will now see account settings prompt. Select ‘authorization’ option which will be visible under ‘Accounts’ head.
  • Now you will see a box as seen in below screen which is the authorization code. This code will have to be entered later in next steps.


  • Now visit this link to activate the account. Enter the code when prompted.
  • Once the above step is complete, go back to exodus redux settings. Your Trakt username should now appear next to Trakt Authorization.(check below image)
  • Now Click on OK.

Trakt with Exodus Redux addon


Steps to Access Trakt with Exodus Redux

  • Navigate to exodus main menu and select ‘My TVshows’ option.
  • Now you will see the screen where you can access your collections and lists. The progress option will show you the recently watched show from where you left off.
  • You can manage trakt using ‘trakt manager’ available in context menu.
  • The trakt manager will allow you to add or remove items from your collection or lists.

In order to sync your past watch history with trakt, you will have to install trakt add-on from Kodi add-on repositiry. The trakt add-on will additionally also let you rate and review the shows that you watch. The trakt service brings a lot of useful features to you which you might have felt were missing in the exodus add-on without this service.

Final Words

We have now arrived at the conclusion of the article as we have demonstrated to you the complete steps to configure and use trakt on exodus redux add-on. We hope you found this article useful and would be able to easily configure trakt on exodus redux and Kodi with the help of this guidelines. Stay tuned with us for more such articles.

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