How to Watch Golden Globe Awards 2019 on Kodi Live

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Hi Friends! Hope you are doing well and had a good start of the year. We are back with the first interesting article of the New Year and trust us you will be delighted with this one. As some of you might already know that the Golden Globe awards have already been announced by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association on 07 January 2018. The awards will be aired on NBC live. There are various other streaming services where the users will be able to see it. When we talk about online streaming service, we can never forget about Kodi as most of us are its fans and use it for almost all our streaming needs. Hence, we have come up with a way for Kodi users to watch Golden Globe Awards 2019 on Kodi and that too live and free. Believe it or not, we are as excited as you by looking at the awesomeness of Kodi.

Watch Golden Globe Awards 2019 on Kodi Live

To start with, you will need a VPN to see the content live as it is aired in the USA. You will have to install a VPN and select USA server to connect. Just find any free or paid VPN service and install it on your smart device and start it before starting Kodi. The key point here is to connect using USA server.

Golden Globe Awards 2019 on Kodi

Besides that, you can also watch these award show by using certain add-ons available in Kodi repository. The add-ons which will be useful for watching the event are WNBC programs and USTV now. So let us show you how to download and configure each add-on to see Watch Golden Globe Awards 2019 on Kodi live. Follow below steps:

Method 1: Watch Live Golden Globe Awards 2019 on Kodi Using WNBC

  1. First of all, let us see how to install the WNBC program add-on. So install Kodi if you are a newbie, or launch Kodi on your smart device if you are an existing user.
  2. Pull out the left menu from Kodi home screen and click on ‘add-ons’ option.
  3. Click on the box like icon on the top left.
  4. Select install from and click video add-ons.
  5. Now select ‘WNBC programs’.
  6. Click on install when you see the option on screen and wait for a few moments to let it install.
  7. Kodi will soon notify you that the add-on is installed.
  8. Return back to Kodi home screen and again click ‘add-ons’ option from the left menu.
  9. Now the screen will display the newly installed WNBC programs add-on.
  10. Click on the add-on icon to launch it and Watch Golden Globe Awards 2019 on Kodi the day

Method 2: Watch Golden Globe Awards 2019 on Kodi Using USTV

Another add-on is USTV now for which you will have to follow below steps,

  1. First of all, you will have to create account on USTV website, so visit USTV Now website and click sign up to create account.
  2. Click continue.
  3. Enter your details on the next page and choose any country other than the USA.
  4. Just check the boxes saying that ‘I am a US citizen’ and ‘I agree with terms and conditions’.
  5. The website will send you a confirmation link to verify your identity. Open your email provided and click the link to verify.
  6. You can use this account to log in and watch content from any of your smart device like iOS, Android, Roku, PC, etc.
  7. Now we will show you how to use this account on Kodi add-on.
  8. Launch Kodi and access left menu from its home screen.
  9. Click on a box like an icon on top left and then select install from video add-ons.
  10. Now find USTV now and select it for installation.
  11. Click on install.
  12. Wait for a few moments until Kodi notifies you that USTV now was installed.
  13. Go back to Kodi home screen and again select add-on option from left menu bar to see the newly installed add-on.

So, friends, you can see that watching Golden Globe awards Live 2019 on Kodi so easy. You do not need to do much as the add-ons are available in Kodi library itself. We are sure that you will not face any issues in following these simple steps. We are now at the end of the article as we have completed the guide on how to watch golden globe awards 2019 on Kodi. We hope you liked this article and request you to share this with your friends also so that they can watch too. We will keep coming up with more articles like this so stay tuned with us and have a happy start of 2019 with this event!

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