How to Watch PPV On Kodi [Working Pay Per View Addons]

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Watch PPV On Kodi – Working PPV Add-ons: If you have been regularly following our recent articles on Kodi, then you might already know about Kodi and its add-ons. Those who are not aware of it, let us iterate again for them that Kodi is a powerful multimedia player available for various smart devices. Add-ons are something that helps us to view our intended content on Kodi. But not all add-ons will be helpful as they sound.

There are hundreds of add-ons available for Kodi which will enable you to view lots and lots of quality content online, some of them are third-party add-ons. These kind of add-ons are those which are unofficial and will allow you to view paid trending content for free. Out of so many add-ons available, you need to figure out which ones will actually work without errors. We are writing this article to guide you about viewing pay per view (PPV) content for free using some best free PPV Kodi add-ons. So let’s talk about how to watch PPV on Kodi. Those who are beginners in Kodi world, we suggest that you go through our articles about installing Kodi on your devices to better understand this article.

What is PPV?

ppv on kodi

You might be aware about the PPV content these days that many of the sports channels are offering. Even YouTube has started such kind of service where you can pay for a particular video and view it. You are not allowed to download this content and are allowed to view it only for a specified period of time or number of times. We know that none of us like such kind of service as we have to pay high for it but get very limited access to the content. We cannot even view it multiple numbers of times in certain cases.

So we are here to help you today with the best Kodi add-ons for PPV content to watch PPV on Kodi. This article will focus more on the PPV sports content add-ons on Kodi, as the sports content prices are very high and we know that you are die-hard sports fans. Using these PPV Kodi add-ons, you will be able to view your favorite PPV sports such as Ultimate Fighting Champion (UFC), World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), etc. for free. So read on to know further details on free PPV add-ons on Kodi. We recommend following third-party PPV Kodi add-ons which are the best ones.

Best Kodi Add-ons for PPV (Pay Per View) – PPV On Kodi

  1. Sports devil

Sports devil tops our list as it is the best PPV Kodi add-on for watching PPV on Kodi. It also is a base framework for many other PPV add-ons. This add-on is available from Supremacy repository and it offers you high-quality PPV sports and that too unlimited. Along with live sports and blogs, it also offers live TV channels, making it more awesome.

You will find PPV in the live sports section.,, and are some of the best folders that you should consider for the sports section. You will be able to see the PPV content including NFL, UFC, WWE, and boxing too. You can also find the live football, hockey, and basketball.

The URL to download its repository is If you want guidance about how to install Kodi add-ons, then you can read our articles specially written for it.

  1. Planet MMA

This is also one of the best Pay per View Kodi add-on available today which offers martial art matches along with the content like UFC and boxing.

The best content available on planet MMA includes Fight Night Live, UFC Fight Night, MMA Fight Night, Fight Motion, Born to Fight, MMA Mindset, Ultimate Fighter Series, and so on. It is available in supremacy repository and the URL for download is It has the contents segregated into groups for easy navigation.

  1. Loop

This is a unique add-on as it works as both PPV and IPTV. It categorizes content according to zones such as Auto Zone, Acestream Zone, Fan Zone, Fight Zone, CBC Regionals, Game Zone, Gulf Zone, NBC sports and so on. In order to watch martial art such as UFC TV, Boxnation, EFC, and WWE, you should visit the fight zone. You can download this kodi PPV add-on from loop repository available on URL

  1. UK Turk playlist

If you are UK resident, then this add-on will prove to be the best for you as it is designed for watching live sports in the UK. However, you can still use this addon from other geographies using a VPN. It offers high-quality content from UK, USA, Canada, and Russia. Navigate to the sports section of this add-on for PPV content. You can find this add-on easily on UK Turk repository available on URL

  1. Zem TV

This is essentially an add-on good for watching live TV which majorly supports channels from India and Pakistan, but it also contains channels from other South East Asian regions. Moreover, it also offers PPV content and sports channel in sports section. It is found in Kodil repository available on URL

Final Words

Alright friends, here we have introduced you to five best add-ons to watch PPV on Kodi. Try these add-ons before any others and let us know if you liked it. We also suggest you explore other available add-ons online such as Live hub, Digitele sports, Sports nation HD, Sports world, Pure soccer, Fight tube, etc. If you liked this article, then please share it with your friends to help them too and stay tuned for more articles like this.

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