Website Hosting Consumer Guide: 9 Crucial Tips You Must Know

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A webhosting service defines your website’s availability online. Without using a reliable webhost, your website will be down and result to affecting your page’s credibility. No matter how much investment you set for your website, everything will be wasted with each downtime occurring in the servers.

While every experienced website owners attest the importance of signing up with a reliable webhost, finding the best ones among hundreds of options is not an easy task to accomplish. The options alone are overwhelming and the research process is challenging.

If you’re on your way to find the best webhost, take note of the nine guides that will point you to the top webhosts in the market, which assures unparalleled reliability for your webpage.

Understanding the terms and conditions on bandwidth and disk space

Majority of website owners, particularly the first time owners, don’t really give as much care on disk space and bandwidth in obtaining shared hosting service. Host providers set a bandwidth quota for clients. It’s crucial for you to look forward in terms of traffic.

Will high traffic cost you to go over your data transfer limit and pay an enormous amount of overage fees? In most cases, a website won’t consume the entire allotted bandwidth limit through high traffic alone. Providing downloadable files, however, may use all the bandwidth allotment before signing up with a host provider.

Be aware of the “unlimited storage” promotions

It’s advisable to obtain a good amount of disk space for future website expansion or if you plan to save numerous multimedia files for the page. This makes the promo about unlimited disk space or storage promo the best deal that to grab from host providers.

Just to set things straight, unlimited storage is unrealistic. Webhosts utilize this term, but deep in their Terms of Services lie information about server use. Most consumers don’t take time to read these terms, but it’s vital to read them to know the actual storage limit set on your hosting service. The price for not reading the host’s ToS is possible contract termination, which will be detrimental for your website. While webhosts promote unlimited storage, ToS specifics save them from probable improper use or abuse other clients do.

Be careful of the Free Domain trap

Getting free deals is a joy for everyone. For website owners, obtaining a free domain is another way to save money. Nevertheless, this promotion has its own trap that you need to take note of.

The first question to ask is the ownership of the domain. Will the host own the domain or will you have sole ownership of it? It can be problematic for you if the webhost owns the domain since you’ll be tied up with it forever. Furthermore, you may also pay a lot of money just to buy the domain again from the host.

Second, know the renewal cost to pay. Several webhosts offer domain registration is often free for a year and you should renew its use when the time lapsed. If you’re not careful, you may find yourself paying a lot of money for renewal, reaching up to 200% more than the domain cost on the average.

Get a different host and domain registrar

Webhosts often offer domain registration, but it’s safer to register with a reliable domain registration site and obtain a separate web host. Convenience is the primary reason why webmasters register domains with the same host. However, a good domain registration site will keep your domain accordingly as an important asset. This is your identity or brand online and you need to make sure it will be available.

There are several incidents when webhosts ceased operations, taking domain names with them. It compromises your website and affects traffic and revenue.

Research about the webhost

Search online for any webhost company and include ‘review’ or ‘sucks’ on the search query. You’ll get a number of results discussing about the site and problems clients encounter with them. BlueHost is one of the esteemed webhost companies you’ll find online with an enormous amount of positive reviews from its clients.

Nevertheless, critical thinking is significant at this point since you need to be wary of several elements surrounding reviews or feedbacks.

First is the count of people giving feedbacks. A webhost, although an established brand in the online industry, may seem unimpressive since they appear to dissatisfy a lot of clients as stated on online feedbacks. Nevertheless, the number of dissatisfied customers may only be a small fraction of their overall client base. Hence, the fact is they give good service to majority of their customers. Weigh or explore whether a company possesses a long clientele list and compare it with the feedbacks posted online.

Second is to remember that people always complain. It’s something that every consumer do. Clients only have time to post their complaints online and not compliment their service provider. The rationale behind this is they pay their webhosts money, which means that providing quality service is something expected.

Finally, don’t forget that feedbacks or reviews are often biased. People post reviews on their own blogs and judge the service in a subjective way. On the other hand, you can’t deny the fact that some individuals are just haters. Keep in mind that some customers may find a webhost unpleasant although this is not always the case with other clients. In addition, some blog owners with webhost reviews have control on their pages. They can remove feedbacks or rebuttals that defend or give their point of view about the webhost service.

Remember to be critical and research thoroughly as you look for a reliable webhost.

Save money with coupons

Webhosts offer significantly low rates and discounts for customers with the competition in the online industry today. Nonetheless, receiving more savings won’t hurt. Take advantage of discount coupons in obtaining plans to cut down your expenses. However, don’t use these promos as the distinguishing factor of a high quality webhost. Some top of the line host providers don’t offer discounts, but their services are deemed as the best in the industry.

Use PayPal in transactions if possible

Credit card transactions often bring problems to consumers, especially with an unreliable vendor.

It’s recommended to pay your webhost through PayPal even though the conversion and funds transfer to your online account can be tedious. If you don’t have PayPal and can only use credit card, be sure to choose single or one-time payment at all times to avoid unexpected charges.

Trust yourself, backup offline backups

Webhosts brag about automatic backups for your website files. Hence, offering convenience for their customers.

The question is whether you should trust their backup procedures or not. While their auto backup services are remarkable, you can’t completely trust them since you don’t have control over their servers. Backup your website files and configurations offline to save you from potential headaches.

Don’t sign up for long-term contracts

Better to not work with a webhost for a long time unless you completely trust the company. You may find a host’s service dissatisfying, but it’s too late for you to change service after paying for a two- or three-year contract. If you plan to stay with a webhost service for a long time, you should check their track records and avoid wasting your money.

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