Yify Proxy List For 2020| YTS Proxy & Mirror Sites (100% Working)

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Well, you’re here and it’s obvious that your sole provider for working torrents of every possible movie release is not working anymore. It is common for websites to be flagged and blocked by Internet Service Providers in your country and around the globe. The primary concern is the proliferating piracy that hurts the after-sales of digital versions of movies on the OTT platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and regional streaming services based upon your location. 

Torrents, based on the P2P concept, was introduced as a revolutionary idea to exchange information at a relatively higher speed than most websites. While the idea was groundbreaking, its implementation resulted in the mushrooming of hundreds of websites that provided pirated content free of cost. Yify is a similar website that serves a niche rather than providing everything that can be salvaged and uploaded on the internet. Yify is primarily a website that provides torrent files of the movies that exist in a digital format. 

Yify, like every other popular torrent movies website, is a target of the Internet Service Providers all around the globe. They are on the lookout for any possible website that indulges in piracy and is generating a lot of traffic on the internet. The internet became a hunting ground for many popular websites that dealt with torrent files and were blocked by the ISPs. The primary example is Yify and Kickass Torrents that faced the wrath of the law enforcement and were served lawsuits for their actions. Their websites were taken down and are not popular among torrent enthusiasts anymore. 

Did the piracy stop?  

No. The moment a website indulging in illegal torrents is down a clone pops up on the internet with a similar interface that contains all the previous data along with newer iterations as well. Most of the time only a domain is blocked by the ISPs, so the websites create proxies that exist to bypass the restrictions imposed by your ISP. The proxy websites redirect you to the original website while the action appears as a simple website search to your ISP. 

Yify torrents was a hugely popular website for users that demanded quality copies of every major movie title released recently. The website also served minimal advertisement unlike other major torrent websites such as Pirate Bay, Limetorrents, etc, that bombarded the screen with useless pop-ups and irrelevant advertisements. This attribute paired with working torrents of quality movie copies made Yify a safe-haven for users who were movie fanatics. The quality wasn’t bad because the website specialized in listing torrents that were in 720 pixels or above quality, mostly digital and DVD releases.  

Free stuff that is illegal doesn’t last forever on the internet and that happened to Yify too. The creator faced legal actions and the website was forcibly shut down in early 2015. A brief stint to survive was made by the creator when he rebranded the Yify to YTS (Yify Torrent Solutions) in 2014. Since then innumerable clones have popped up on the internet that appears as the original Yify but the reality is that it is no more. The place is occupied by the YTS website that first appeared as a replica of the Yify website and was first to operate under the name. They indexed all the torrents available on the older website and added newer iterations of their own as well. They faced severe backlash and were banned by major torrent hosting websites. 

Nevertheless, the popularity of the YTS website has not seen a downfall since then. As soon as a domain is blocked by the ISPs, the website is migrated to a different domain as soon as possible. It is rarely down, only when migration or maintenance happens, and continues its purpose to provide the best quality movie torrents. It limits itself to digital releases and does publish cam-rips and inferior quality torrent links on the website. Several proxies exist as well that redirect you to the website with a simple redirect and bypass the geo-location restriction.  

The proxies keep changing and are not constant forever. So what works today might not work tomorrow as well. Nevertheless, we’ve searched extensively to find you the best and reliable Yify proxy sites and YTS mirror sites that you are available as of now. These are as follows – 

  1. Proxy 1 – https://yts.mx/ 
  1. Proxy 2 – https://yts.pm/ 
  1. Proxy 3 – https://yts.vc/ 
  1. Proxy 4 – https://yts.unblockit.top/ 
  1. Proxy 5 – https://yts.unblocked.lc/ 
  1. Proxy 6 – https://yts.ai/ 
  1. Proxy 7 – https://yts.unblockit.top/ 
  1. Proxy 8 –  https://ytss.unblocked.to/ 

More about the proxies 

The proxies change eventually and the restrictions don’t apply to every one of them. It depends on your ISP.  If they have information about the latest working website address, they will block it. If they don’t, then you can directly access it. Another alternative is using a VPN service that is popular for bypassing the geological restriction while safeguarding your searches from your ISP. VPN services are free and paid and provide several servers that can enable access to blocked websites with ease. You also have the option to switch to a different server if the current one fails to access the website. 

What to do if the website is down? 

If the website is down you can search for the YTS torrent on many popular indexing websites such as 1337x.st and torrentz2.eu that can return the relevant searches containing the YTS torrents. Many popular uploaders also provide admissible quality if you cannot find the YTS torrent for your search. 

Why is YTS popular? 

YTS offers a simplistic user-interface that lists out the movie titles according to the release date by default. The website has a working sorting mechanism that can return queries based upon genre, rating, upload year, and a few more categories. The website continues to expand its library and even offers a separate section for 4K content. No direct downloads are available and only the torrent files and magnet URLs can be accessed by the user. 

Is it legal? 

It’s pretty obvious it’s not legal and we do not in any manner support its usage for recreational or commercial usage. Stick to a legitimate streaming platform for faster access to the latest and licensed content viewing that will not land you in trouble. 

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